Projected lineup for 2014

As Steve Melewski mentioned in his blog earlier today, Baseball America came out with its Top 10 list of Orioles prospects, and it may or may not surprise you that shortstop Manny Machado is No. 1 without playing a full season of professional ball.

Did he play a full week?

The rest of the list reads as follows:

1. Manny Machado, ss
2. Zach Britton, lhp
3. Xavier Avery, of
4. L.J. Hoes, 2b
5. Dan Klein, rhp
6. Wynn Pelzer, rhp
7. Mychal Givens, ss
8. Ryan Adams, 2b/3b
9. Ryan Berry, rhp
10. Jonathan Schoop, ss

Two things jump out at me: Matt Hobgood isn’t on the list - and I’m not saying he progressed enough to warrant a spot - and Wynn Pelzer is on the list.

I had to look up Jonathan Schoop, signed as a non-drafted free agent in 2008. He hit .316 in 39 games at Bluefield and .238 in six games at Frederick.

Make that three things that jumped out at me.

Here’s the projected lineup for 2014. It’s worth checking the link for additional lists and information. You’ll notice that Brad Bergesen isn’t included in the rotation. You’ll also notice that Pelzer is the closer:

Catcher - Matt Wieters
First Base - Joe Mahoney
Second Base - L.J. Hoes
Third Base - Josh Bell
Shortstop - Manny Machado
Left Field - Xavier Avery
Center Field - Adam Jones
Right Field - Nick Markakis
Designated Hitter - Luke Scott
No. 1 Starter - Brian Matusz
No. 2 Starter - Zach Britton
No. 3 Starter - Jake Arrieta
No. 4 Starter - Chris Tillman
No. 5 Starter - Jeremy Guthrie
Closer - Wynn Pelzer

By the way, outfielder Keith Reed was deemed the No. 1 prospect in 2001, and left-hander Richard Stahl received that honor in ‘02.

Ah, the good ol’ days.

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