AGon is gone

Another day brings more news that a big-time slugger isn’t coming to Baltimore.

Honestly, did anyone think the Orioles were going to trade for Adrian Gonzalez this winter? I love your optimism, but I never thought it would happen. I put it out of my mind a long time ago. Same with Prince Fielder.

It’s a sad commentary, but I’ve grown more jaded as the years pass. I’m still waiting to be blown away by an aggressive move - and I’m including the Orioles in that statement.

I haven’t gotten to Orlando and I’m ready to come home.

I’m surprised that the Padres dealt Gonzalez this soon after making such a spirited run at the NL West title. I figured that the Orioles would have to surrender too much young pitching for him and wouldn’t be able to sign him to an extension.

He’s more than willing to plant roots in Boston.

Stings, doesn’t it?

The Red Sox reportedly are giving up their No. 1, 3 and 6 prospects (plus a PTBNL), as ranked by Baseball America. If you want to compare, BA lists Manny Machado, Xavier Avery and Wynn Pelzer in those slots.

It’s fair to insert Zach Britton in Casey Kelly’s place, if we’re looking at a deal that wouldn’t have cost the Orioles anyone on their major league roster. I’m not replacing first baseman Anthony Rizzo with Joe Mahoney, who didn’t make BA’s Top 10 prospects list.

I really don’t know what else it would have taken for the Orioles to beat the Red Sox to the punch. San Diego didn’t insist on Jon Lester or Clay Buchholz, but Boston’s farm system is deeper. Neat trick, too, considering their record every year. Would the Orioles also have been required to move Brian Matusz or Jake Arrieta? The Padres sure as heck weren’t going to settle for Brandon Snyder and Matt Angle.

This is an amazing deal for the Red Sox, who can still pursue Jayson Werth or Carl Crawford in free agency. And they must not have a problem with Gonzalez’s price tag. He reportedly wants Ryan Howard money, which is $25 million per year.

Can you see the Orioles forking over that kind of cash? Or Gonzalez taking it from a team that hasn’t won in 13 years?

Well, money does talk, so who knows?

I can say without fear of contradiction that a Gonzalez trade today would have soothed a lot of bitter feelings over the Adam Dunn debacle (though Dunn wouldn’t have cost the Orioles any of their top players or prospects.)

This has got to be a tough sell for Padres fans despite the prospects headed their way.

Maybe a good Glenn Davis story will cheer them up.

There’s nothing I can say here that’s going to make you feel any better.

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