Arrieta: “I’m completely healthy”

Since I’m keeping tabs on the facial hair, I’ll pass along that Jake Arrieta is sporting a full beard.

That’s going to come off in Sarasota.

Arrieta says the concern over the bone spur in his right elbow was “kind of blown a little bit out of proportion.”

“I know some people have my health as a concern, just with that bone spur, but it’s been there for a long time,” he said. “Kind of went away. It only kind of flared up for that one outing and then went away, so it’s really not an issue. I’m completely healthy and feeling good and ready to go.”

Arrieta tweaks his winter workout routine every winter after sitting down with his trainer.

“It’s a little different from year to year, but pretty similar guidelines,” he said. “I want to stay away from overloading too much of the upper body and just focus on my core and legs. I started my throwing yesterday. Just really looking forward to building up my arm strength.”

Arrieta’s mindset is “just performing” and “letting performance do the talking” instead of showing up at spring training assuming he has a spot in the rotation.

“I don’t want to say I have a spot locked up,” he said. “I just think that’s something that can get some guys into trouble if they come into camp too confident with the intent of being on the team no matter what happens.”

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