Beltre still isn’t the answer

I was afraid to look out my window this morning, figuring that the snow would be piling up and I’d be making another frantic search for my gloves.

I raced to the grocery store because I needed milk and water. I hate being that guy, but I was out. (I skipped the bread and toilet paper.)

I raced to the gym and kept one eye on the parking lot - a surefire way to get a headache - so I could bolt as the first snowflake fell.

More than two hours later, I’m still waiting for that first flake. Meanwhile, my poor father is shoveling his driveway in Ocean Pines.

It should be another slow day in baseball circles. If you’ll notice, the news has come to a screeching halt everywhere, though we’re more focused on the warehouse.

All it takes is one phone call...

A few fans have suggested that the Orioles fill their vacancy at first base by make a run at third baseman Adrian Beltre and moving Mark Reynolds across the diamond.

As if Reynolds hasn’t heard enough comparisons to Garrett Atkins.

Beltre has always intrigued me, but it won’t happen. He’s already turned down five-year offers from the Athletics and Angels. He’s reportedly looking for a deal in the $85 to $90 million range, or a sixth year. The Orioles won’t touch it.

Beltre and his agent, Scott Boras, have waved off the Orioles the last two winters. I’m told that the wave wasn’t quite as vigorous this year, but it was far from welcoming. They aren’t interested.

Of course, the Orioles could go all Nats on them and match the Jayson Werth contract. That might change a wave into an embrace, but again, it’s not going to happen.

Beltre comes with a few red flags. He’s widely viewed as a guy who tends to “relax” once he’s paid. He’s more motivated in his contract year. The Mariners aren’t requesting a minute for rebuttal. But he’s a plus-defender with power when he’s right. It’s hard not to be intrigued by the guy. And again, I’m not worried about blocking anyone, including Josh Bell.

Reynolds has only played 34 games at first base in his four major league seasons, but he eventually could be moved. The Orioles didn’t wave off that suggestion after trading for him, but it’s not expected to happen in 2011. They’ve spent too much time pumping up his defensive skills at third. That’s the position he’ll play on Opening Day.

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