First base market continues to shrink

It shrinks?

Like a frightened turtle!

The Padres reportedly have reached agreement with Brad Hawpe on a one-year contract, which figures to impact the Orioles.

Hawpe will platoon at first base in San Diego despite extremely limited experience at the position. He’s appeared in only nine games there, all of them in 2010. By comparison, he’s played 748 games in right field over seven seasons.

Derrek Lee wants to play for a contender, Well, the Padres no longer need him. The same with Adam LaRoche. These aren’t platoon guys - and that’s especially true in this instance with the left-handed hitting LaRoche.

How many teams still need a first baseman besides the non-contending Orioles and Nationals?

I know fans here are beyond frustrated, but just imagine for a moment how it feels in San Diego to know that Adrian Gonzalez has been replaced by Brad Hawpe.

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