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Cliff Lee is out of the American League, and he took Zack Greinke with him - and dropped off the right-hander in Milwaukee.

This season should be a breeze for the Orioles. All they need is for Andy Pettitte to retire and they’ll win 90 games.

Greinke reportedly has been dealt to the Brewers for shortstop Alcides Escobar, center fielder Lorenzo Cain and pitching prospects Jeremy Jeffress and Jake Odorizzi. The Brewers also will receive shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt and $2 million.

I don’t know enough about the prospects to say how the Orioles could have matched the offer. I never heard a peep about them being in discussions with the Royals. If they obtain a pitcher, it’ll most likely be a veteran free agent signed to a one-year deal and plugged in the middle or back end of the rotation.

They apparently are discussing Freddy Garcia, who won 17 games with the White Sox in 2006 and 12 last season. What’s happened in between hasn’t been real good, due in large part to a shoulder injury.

Garcia is 133-87 with a 4.13 ERA in 12 major league seasons.

Just another name to consider.

He’s no Greinke, but he won’t wipe out your farm system in a trade.

Milwaukee seems like the perfect low-key environment for Greinke, who has no interest in the bright lights of New York or the clam chowder in Boston.

Camden Yards would have been a nice, quiet spot for him, as well. Empty seats don’t make a lot of noise.

Yeah, I went there.

I should point out that Greinke is 2-2 with a 5.32 ERA lifetime against the Orioles, with 10 home runs allowed in 44 innings.

I also should point out that Garcia was once traded for Gavin Floyd and won one game for the Phillies.

What genius made that trade? (Hint: He’s going into the Hall of Fame)

This is totally random, but a former Oriole referred to Felix Pie as the worst five-tool player he’s ever seen. Made me chuckle.

So the University of Maryland is replacing head football coach Ralph Friedgen right after he was named the ACC’s Coach of the Year? Nice timing.

The offense won’t be boring with Mike Leach, assuming he’s the guy who takes over. Just don’t follow him into an equipment garage. It’s a trap.

The Ravens are a 1 ½ point favorite over the Saints today? Is this a trap?

Sorry, but Drew Brees will throw for 600 yards unless the Ravens decide to do something outrageous and actually pressure the quarterback. And I’m just talking about the fourth quarter.

Hope my sister enjoys the game. And her Louisiana-born companion isn’t a face-painter.

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