Trying to figure out a lineup

I woke up this morning to a massive spam attack on my e-mail account and a video of Miley Cyrus taking a bong hit.

It’s going to be one of those days.

My BlackBerry refused to accept anymore e-mails from my account after about 30 “undeliverable messages.” Now that’s a smart phone.

Meanwhile, my laptop held about 1,850 of them, plus another 241 in my spam basket. Had to change my password to log on, and I’m still receiving them and, apparently, sending them out to the innocent masses.

But enough of my whining...

While I spent three hours with Tom Davis, Dave Johnson and Phil Wood on Saturday - we did the Wall To Wall Baseball show, not breakfast - a caller asked me to submit a mock lineup.

I basically locked up because I hadn’t given it much thought in December, and we still don’t know who’s on first and what’s the DH. And he didn’t specify whether the opposing pitcher was right-handed or a lefty.

Brian Roberts was my leadoff hitter. In my world, he’s healthy when the Orioles break camp.

Otherwise, I was scrambling.

Adam Jones is 24-for-80 (.300) with two doubles, three triples, three homers, eight RBIs and a .513 slugging percentage as the No. 2 hitter. Nick Markakis is 75-for-237 (.316) with 15 doubles, two triples, eight homers and 30 RBIs.

I’ll just put Markakis second, Mark Reynolds third, Luke Scott fourth, the new 1B fifth, Adam Jones sixth, Matt Wieters seventh, J.J. Hardy eighth and Felix Pie ninth.

I’m scrambling again if Nolan Reimold’s in left field. Or if the Orioles sign a designated hitter instead of a first baseman.

Maybe Reynolds should move down. Maybe Jones should move up.

Maybe we should wait until the roster’s set.

At this point, I’m still going hard after Adam LaRoche instead of a designated hitter. I’d rather not put Scott at first base and hold my breath every time an infielder bounces a throw in the late innings of a close game. Take LaRoche’s defense and the 25 home runs that hopefully come with it.

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