Latest Simon update (with update)

According to this tweet from The Associated Press’ Dionisio Soldevila, Orioles pitcher Alfredo Simon could be held without bail for one year in his native Dominican Republic until his case goes to trial.

Simon’s lawyers reportedly will appeal the decision, according to Soldevila.

Simon met with law enforcement officials today at national police headquarters in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he was questioned about the shooting that left one man dead and another injured. Simon claimed that the fatal shooting was accidental.

According to an earlier CNN report, Puerto Plata District Attorney Victor Mieses said that he would seek three months of incarceration against Simon and widen the investigation.

The Orioles sent director of player development John Stockstill to the Dominican tonight to meet with Simon.

Update: Not much more to say except that Stockstill will meet with Simon and the reliever’s lawyers tomorrow morning. The Orioles are trying to sort through all the conflicting reports. There’s been no confirmation that Simon is incarcerated. Hopefully, it all becomes much clearer tomorrow.

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