Orioles announce spring training invites

The Orioles have signed and invited 16 non-roster players to their major league spring training camp.

Let’s start with the pitchers: Right-handers Mitch Atkins, Ryan Drese, Armando Gabino, Wynn Pelzer, Raul Rivero and Josh Rupe, and left-handers Mark Hendrickson and Clay Rapada.

Position players include catchers Adam Donachie, Michel Hernandez and Caleb Joseph; outfielders Tyler Henson and Randy Winn; and infielders Ryan Adams, Nick Green and Brendan Harris.

Randy Winn? Did I forget about him?

Winn, 36, has played in the majors for the last 13 seasons, batting .284 with 110 home runs for five different teams - Tampa Bay, Seattle, San Francisco, the New York Yankees and St. Louis. He was an All-Star in 2002 with the Rays.

Maybe I was getting him confused with Joey Gathright.

Pitchers and catchers will hold their first workout in Sarasota on Feb. 14, and the first full-squad workout will take place Feb. 21.

Minor league pitchers will hold their first workout on March 7. The first minor league full-squad workout will take place on March 11.

Here’s the complete spring training roster (Justin Duchscherer will be included once the results of his physical come back):

1 Roberts, Brian INF
2 Hardy, J.J. INF
3 Izturis, Cesar INF
6 Green, Nick INF
9 Fox, Jake CA
10 Jones, Adam OF
11 Andino, Robert INF
12 Reynolds, Mark INF
13 Randolph, Willie Coach
14 Reimold, Nolan OF
15 Tatum, Craig CA
16 Presley, Jim Coach
17 Matusz, Brian LHP
18 Pie, Felix OF
19 Uehara, Koji RHP
21 Markakis, Nick OF
23 Kirby, Wayne Coach
24 Tillman, Chris RHP
25 Lee, Derrek INF
26 Showalter, Buck MGR
27 Russell, John Coach
28 Harris, Brendan INF
29 Snyder, Brandon INF
30 Scott, Luke OF
32 Wieters, Matt CA
34 Arrieta, Jake RHP
35 Bergesen, Brad RHP
36 Dunn, Alan MiLC
37 Bell, Josh INF
38 Angle, Matt OF
40 Patton, Troy LHP
41 Adair, Rick Coach
43 Johnson, Jim RHP
45 Drese, Ryan RHP
46 Guthrie, Jeremy RHP
47 Viola, Pedro LHP
48 Crowley, Terry MiLC
49 Berken, Jason RHP
50 Accardo, Jeremy RHP
51 Gonzalez, Michael LHP
52 Connor, Mark Coach
53 Britton, Zach LHP
54 VandenHurk, Rick RHP
55 Simon, Alfredo RHP
57 Rapada, Clay LHP
58 Mahoney, Joe INF
59 Rupe, Josh RHP
60 Erbe, Brandon RHP
61 Gabino, Armando RHP
62 Spoone, Chorye RHP
63 Gregg, Kevin RHP
64 Lebron, Luis RHP
65 Rivero, Raul RHP
66 Pelzer, Wynn RHP
68 Rosario, Adrian RHP
69 Florimon, Pedro INF
70 Atkins, Mitch RHP
71 Hernandez, Michel CA
72 Joseph, Caleb CA
73 Adams, Ryan INF
74 Henson, Tyler OF
79 Donachie, Adam CA
84 Graham, Brian MiLC
85 Bordick, Mike MiLC
86 Schmidt, Dave MiLC
87 Allenson, Gary MiLC
89 Kendall, Gary MiLC
90 Werner, Don MiLC
91 Griffin, Mike MiLC
92 May, Milt MiLC
93 Komminsk, Brad MiLC
94 Dickerson, Bobby MiLC
95 Hocking, Denny MiLC
96 Steenstra, Kennie MiLC
97 Walling, Denny MiLC
99 Hernandez, Jose MiLC
Hendrickson, Mark LHP
Winn, Randy OF

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