Two thumbs up for Showalter’s film

SARASOTA, Fla. - The reviews keep pouring in, and it’s apparent that manager Buck Showalter’s inspirational film is a huge hit with his players.

Showalter took his team to a local movie theater last night after everyone gathered at Ed Smith Stadium for a pre-workout meeting. They were treated to a short video that included highlights of past and present players, and a sold-out Camden Yards.

Just a reminder of what it was like, and what it could be again.

“It was awesome. It was off the chain,” pitcher Rick VandenHurk said. “Everyone’s got one mindset, and that’s to win a championship. And everything about that was about that. It’s obviously what we want to be part of. That’s why we’re all here.”

“After I left, I wanted to get on the field right away,” pitcher Chris Tillman said. “It was one of those things like, ‘Let’s go, let’s do it.’ I was pumped up. It’s going to sit deep with a lot of people for a while.”

“It was great. I loved it,” pitcher Brian Matusz said. “Chris and I drove back together and we just talked about it, how exciting it was. It was done really well and it got us all pumped up. You tried to go home and go to bed, and it was tough. Your mind’s thinking how exciting this is and the opportunity that this team has. You need everyone to buy into it and this was a good start.

“It was past and present guys, and some highlights when Camden Yards was packed to the brim with all Oriole fans. That’s what we want to get this back to. We have such a great fan base. We want to be a part of it and really get after it. These are exciting times. We’ve got everything, so this is it. Let’s do it.”

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