Final thoughts on 3-0 loss

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Armando Gabino tossed a perfect eighth inning, and the Orioles’ bullpen held the Minnesota Twins to one run over the last five innings.

Unfortunately for the Orioles, they managed only four hits and were blanked, 3-0.

The Orioles were 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position.

Here are some post-game quotes from manager Buck Showalter:

On Jeremy Guthrie:
“He gave up a duck flare in the first and made a great pitch. I think Jeremy’s fine. He’s right on schedule. He’s athletic. He does everything to give his team a chance to win. I don’t see any different guy than I saw the last two months of last year. So far, so good.”

On the Orioles allowing a runner to score from first on a hit-and-run:
“We got caught watching the paint dry and assumed something. Simple as that. Usually when something like that happens, there’s more than one thing that wasn’t done right. Let’s leave it at that.”

On Rick VandenHurk’s control issues:
“It’s the same basic mechanics that he’s had for most of his career with the exception of what Florida did to him last year to try to create some deception with right-handers. I don’t begrudge them that at all. But this is really the way he’s pitched most of his career, and it’s been one of the challenges for him. He’s missing away from his arm slot, which is unusual, and he just couldn’t make the adjustment. It’s something that’s been a challenge for him and he’s going to have to make us confident that he can execute from whatever role that he might be in.”

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