Guthrie talks about today’s outing

SARASOTA, Fla. - Here are some quotes from Jeremy Guthrie, who retired all six batters he faced today:

On his outing:
“Everything felt like it left off at the end of last season, so that’s good. I haven’t thrown a strike in five months, so it’s nice to go out there and be able to do that. Work ahead. The command wasn’t tremendous, but I told Matt (Wieters) we would work on corners the next couple times, I guess. We worked on strikes.”

On the offensive outburst:
“The guys are taking good at-bats and doing exactly what everyone’s expecting and everyone’s hoping. It’s a great start for them. I’m sure that they’re just excited to be out there as a team to see how they gel as a lineup, because they have a lot of weapons out there to work with.”

On the ballpark:
“It’s great. Crowd’s great. It’s a lot of work. I talked to a few people and tried to gather as much understanding and appreciation of what’s gone on to make this happen.

“To most of the players, unfortunately, it just probably seems like a stadium was built. To everyone here, those that worked on it and Laura Williams and Andy (MacPhail) and the Angelos family, all those people that had to make it happen, I think it’s much more than just a stadium. I think it’s a real tribute. I also understand the community did a lot to make it go through and there was opposition. Hopefully, we can treat it that way, and I expect great crowds all spring this year and going forward.

“Ultimately, it will be a gift to themselves and the community here, as well. Hopefully, we can make it a fun place to come and win a lot of games.”

Manny Ramirez and B.J. Upton hit back-to-back homers off David Riske in the sixth. Orioles 10, Rays 4.

Manager Buck Showalter made massive substitutions. Randy Winn, Matt Angle and Tyler Henson are playing the outfield. The infield consists of Brendan Harris at third, Nick Green at short, Robert Andino at second and Brandon Snyder at first.

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