Quick game update (and Britton quotes)

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - We had a long delay in the top of the seventh inning after a woman was hit by a Jake Fox foul ball behind the Astros’ bullpen area. She was removed on a stretcher.

Players left the Astros dugout and walked to the railing. Fox eventually returned to the Orioles’ dugout and watched from the top step. He struck out once play resumed.

Brandon Snyder homered off Casey Fien leading off the top of the eighth. Orioles 5, Astros 0.

Ryan Adams reached on an infield hit to open the seventh. Robert Andino and Felix Pie also singled, with Pie’s ball deflecting off the gloves of the pitcher and shortstop before bouncing into shallow left field and scoring Adams.

Adams just doubled into left-center field with one out in the eighth. Craig Tatum, who singled, stopped at third base. Adams is 3-for-4, his only out a long fly ball to center.

Chris Tillman replaced Zach Britton and has tossed three scoreless innings. He’s allowed two hits, including a bunt single, and walked a batter.

Tillman and Britton rode together to Kissimmee last night so they wouldn’t have an early wake-up call this morning. Britton said the Orioles put them up in a nice hotel.

Kids love nice hotels.

I’ll have quotes from Britton in a few minutes. He may be young, but he’s looking like an experienced pro on the mound.

Update: J.D. Martinez doubled with two outs in the eighth to deliver the Astros’ first run and ruin the symmetry between Britton and Tillman. A throwing error on third baseman Brandon Waring allowed another run to score. And yes, someone in the press box just said, “He’s Waring it.”

Armando Gabino replaced Tillman with two outs. More runs scored. Tillman is charged with one earned run (three total) and four hits, with one walk and one strikeout. Orioles 5, Astros 4.

Here are the Britton quotes that I promised you:

On how he felt today:
“I felt pretty good. I was happy that I came in and did what I want to do, which is throw the four-seam for strikes. I would have liked to have thrown more strikes. When I got ahead of hitters, I wasn’t able to put them away. Got into some deep counts. Each inning, I was getting in some deep counts. I got ahead early. I’d like to make that adjustment next time around.”

On getting seven ground-ball outs:
“If I keep the ball down, if I keep the four-seamer down, I’ll get a lot of ground balls. Goose (Mark Connor) had talked to me about throwing it when I’m ahead. When I get ahead 0-2, throw the sinker instead of the four-seam because it’s been going out of the zone. Get them on their heels and then throw the sinker. That way, there’s a better chance of them chasing it like I want them to. I’m good with that, but I think I need to throw more strikes.”

On building on his previous outings:
“I wasn’t nervous again. That’s been two games where I haven’t really felt nervous. More just excited to be out there and get deep into games. I was trying to build up to four, five, six innings in the next couple of outings. If I get a couple more outings, then I’ll have to get deeper in the game.”

On competing for fifth starter’s job:
“Talking to people, they said I should just go out there and make the decision tough. Whether they have their mind made up or not, it doesn’t affect the way I go out and pitch. I think I’m getting opportunities to start games and go deep into games, which is nice. Just try to work on things, but have good outings. Just give them things to think about.”

On driving here last night:
“Buck (Showalter) and Goose had mentioned yesterday that we could leave and come up. That way, we didn’t have to wake up early and leave on the team bus. They put us up at a nice hotel. I thought that was really cool that they let us get a good night’s sleep, instead of getting up early and getting on the bus.”

On competing with a friend like Tillman:
“We don’t talk much about it. We’re all really good friends. They say only five people can go. That’s really out of our control. We want everyone to throw well. Tilly had some stuff he was working on that he wanted me to watch, give him feedback, just like the same with me if he has any feedback, I’m willing to take it also. That’s what’s good about us. Me and Brian (Matusz) and Jake (Arrieta) and Tillman, we give each other feedback even though we’re batting each other for spots.”

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