Showalter speaks

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Since manager Buck Showalter is all about finding nuggets, I wanted to pass along a few from today’s pre-game media session.

On Brian Roberts making the trip:
“We were going to wait until after (yesterday’s) game was over. Robby and I talked about 6 o’clock last night at the stadium. He wanted to get some right-handed at-bats, Obviously, (Francisco) Liriano presents that. It was probably more his idea than mine. I think it’s a great idea.”

On the number of cuts that could be made tomorrow:
“Depending how you look at it, it could be more than 10.”

On whether he’s referring to the minor league players who aren’t technically on the camp roster:
“Yes. They’ll be the only people to ever take their stuff to the other locker room and then come back 20 minutes later.”

On left-hander Chris George:
“George has been impressive out of the bullpen. He’s gone up about two or three mph. Some guys do that when they go down to the ‘pen.”

On bringing Manny Machado here:
“He had a work day scheduled and he did all his work there. Bobby (Dickerson) and Brady (Anderson) were over there anyway this morning, so they just put those four guys in the car and brought them here. And we have two pitchers that we’re bringing back up. He’s a guy that’s able to play infield for us, obviously. You guys know the other part of it.”

On whether Machado will get into the game:
“If the need arises, just like all of the guys. We’ve got just about all of them in there. Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes it’s a crisp, fast-moving game. I judge it not necessarily by the number of at-bats, but how the game moves. If it’s 13-9, you’ll probably see all of them.”

On what Machado could gain by being in this environment:
“It’s like Billy (Martin) told me long ago, ‘Try as you may, you ain’t going to screw up the good ones.’ We hope all of them, and the other guys we’ve brought over here, impact the major league club. Some guys may benefit, some may not.”

On Kevin Gregg pitching in minor league games:
“He had a couple of outings over here where he threw like six pitches. He forced himself to throw some breaking balls that he wouldn’t have normally thrown. Over there, you know you’re going to get 15 to 17 pitches, regardless of how many outs. Obviously, you’ll see him back over here in a game at some point, but I think it’s good for him.”

On whether he still thinks Koji Uehara can be ready for the opener:
“Yes. There’s time. He’s going to be taking the ball pretty consistently the rest of the way. Now, if he has a problem with that, we’re going to have an issue.”

Random, funny quote about Jeremy Guthrie:
“We gave Guthrie off today. He worked on his off-day. We also needed a day off from Guthrie.”

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