Fox on the run (updated with final score)

Just once, I’d like for Tim Belcher to have a mound conference with Nick Bierbrodt. I think it would be a gas.

OK, sorry.

Jake Fox started a seventh-inning rally with a triple into left-center field. Taking third base was a huge gamble on Fox’s part, considering that the Orioles were down by four runs.

If he’s out, he may as well keep walking into the clubhouse. And make sure not to pass manager Buck Showalter in the dugout.

Fox made it safely on a close play and scored on Brian Roberts’ infield hit - the 11th RBI for the Orioles’ leadoff hitter.

Fox is now a single and double short of the cycle. He got the hard parts out of the way.

I just checked, and Fox has two career triples in the majors - both coming with the Orioles.

And yes, that was Luke Scott making a sliding, backhanded catch in the left field corner to record the first out in the bottom of the seventh.

Scott was grimacing a little and reaching behind his left leg, but he’s still in the game.

Update: Now Michael Gonzalez is grimacing, but for an entirely different reason. He just surrendered a two-run homer to Orlando Cabrera after giving up two long fly balls and a single. He wasn’t fooling anyone.

Update II: The Orioles lost, 8-3, to Cleveland, for their sixth straight defeat.

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