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Zach Britton is the latest Oriole to be slowed by flu-like symptoms, but he took the ball tonight and turned in his third quality start in four outings.

Zach Britton recaps his outing against the Twins Wednesday night

“It could have been better,” he said. “I wasn’t happy with the walks, especially with the 5-1 lead and you put guys on base and it ends up being a close game like that, so I wasn’t happy with the wildness. But we scored a lot of runs and kept us in the game.

“I’m exhausted. I was hacking up I don’t even know what in the dugout. I’m pretty weak.”

Hope you don’t read that last sentence at breakfast tomorrow morning.

“My body felt really good,” he added. “It’s really my throat and obviously my voice is gone, but I felt pretty good. But now I’m feeling worn out.”

The first run off Britton came on Michael Cuddyer’s homer leading off the second inning.

“He hit a spinning sinker right over the middle,” Britton said. “It wasn’t a good pitch to him, especially with the way he hits the ball up. He does it really well. It was just a bad pitch.”

Here’s a little something from catcher Matt Wieters:

“That’s big to get him a win when he threw the ball real well. And good for Kevin (Gregg), too, to be able to finish a game and get him going. You have to win the close ones as well as win the ones that are not so close.”

Wieters admired the way Britton battled while feeling under the weather.

“That’s what he’s going to have to do,” Wieters said. “He’s a sinkerball guy and he’s not going to throw a sinker on the knees every time, so he’s going to give up some ground ball hits and some broken-bat hits. That’s the life of a sinkerball pitcher. He’s going to have to get through that. When your bad nights are six innings and three runs, that’s not too bad.”

Wieters wasn’t sure whether the ballpark would hold Denard Span’s drive with two outs in the ninth.

“I knew it was going to be close, but I knew if it stayed in the park that Adam (Jones) was going to run it down,” Wieters said. “I’m just glad it stayed in the park.”

Gregg had his first clean outing tonight. And yes, it counts as a clean outing despite the heart-stopping fly ball at the end. Three up, three down.

“It was nice to get back out there,” he said. “I like to work, I like to be out there, I like to pitch. I think it did me good to throw the other day and throw a lot of pitches.”

Gregg wasn’t sweating Span’s fly ball to the warning track.

“He’s strong to the pull side. I know that. But he really doesn’t pull a lot of balls over there,” Gregg said. “And Adam, I know he’s going to run down anything that’s still in the air.”

Gregg fully expected to get the ball in a save situation.

“We’re two weeks into the season, three weeks into the season,” he said. “We’re in the long haul here. There’s 162 games, and a couple bad ones aren’t going to make a difference.”

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