Not born to run in 2011

The Orioles have four stolen bases in five attempts this season to rank last in the majors.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by manager Buck Showalter and his coaching staff.

“We talked about it a little yesterday in the advanced meeting, but you’d probably be surprised how many guys are on their own to run,” Showalter said. “You know what happens a lot is guys don’t want to take the bat out of this guys hand, or ‘I want to give him this hole to shoot.’ You always have that, you can talk yourself out of it just about every time. And we’ve had a couple must-go’s. We had one with Andino last night. We haven’t had as many opportunities when you’re down a certain amount of runs, but I’ve found those things come in bunches too.

“We talked to our guys about being a little more ... I can give them a sign if they’d rather do it that way. But I’d rather they have a little more recklessness now and then. But we’ll see. There’s some thought behind it.”

Brian Roberts hasn’t done much running - he’s stolen one base in his only attempt - but Showalter wouldn’t confirm whether the second baseman’s previous back issues are the reason.

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