Postgame Showalter

Manager Buck Showalter talked about pitchers Brad Bergesen, Michael Gonzalez and Jim Johnson following tonight’s 6-2 loss to the Red Sox.

Buck Showalter sits down with the media to talk about the O’s 6-2 loss to Boston

On Bergesen:
“Pretty good, pretty good. He gave us a good chance to win, something we talked about before the game. He made some pitches when he had to. I think Mark (Connor) was looking at six or seven balls that they hit hard. They had a swinging bunt and a couple flares. We had some of that last night. It kind of evened out. We made some good pitches. We walked three or four people, too. We didn’t feel like we were out of it at 6-2. I thought Bergy threw the ball pretty well. He was a little off on his location early and settled in pretty good.

“The body of work was pretty good. I thought he gave us a good chance to win against a good-hitting club, and I was proud of him. He had a ball he was trying to go in on (Adrian) Gonzalez and got it up and away. It was a fly ball to left field that found a good spot. The game’s not always fair.”

On Gonzalez:
“I thought Gonzo probably had the best stuff he’s had this year, as far as just quality stuff. Because he’s having some struggles here and there, it’s tough to get him out there enough to get it under control like we know he’s capable of. It’s good to see his stuff get better tonight. If he keeps bringing that type of stuff, he’ll have some success.”

On Johnson’s changeup:
“His changeup is much improved from last year. It’s gone from 89, 90 to 86, 87. That’s why he’s been able to get so many outs this year off the changeup. It’s been a real productive pitch for him. He’s gotten 2 or 3 mph off it with the grip and everything. It’s probably been, other than the sinker, he’s probably gotten close to 25, 30 percent of his outs off of it, and he’s been throwing it right and left, so I think it’s much improved. It’s been a pitch that he feels a lot more comfortable with. He’s worked hard on it and made it a real productive pitch for him.”

On Bergesen warming up in seventh and leaving game:
“We tied it up quickly there with two outs and we wanted to make sure J.J. got his full time to get ready and we had plenty of time instead of pushing that envelope. We knew that’s where we were going.”

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