Roberts and Showalter speak

Just not at the same time.

Brian Roberts didn’t really elaborate on the stomach pains that caused him to be scratched from last night’s lineup and undergo tests at a local hospital. He’s just glad to be in the lineup for Game 1.

“Everything’s fine,” he said. “I haven’t been feeling great for a couple days and the doctor just a little while before the game wanted me to go get checked out.”

Asked if he was given a diagnosis, Roberts replied, “Nothing really. I was just having some stomach pain and he just wanted to rule out appendix and all that junk. I think that was one of the things he was worried about a little bit, at least.

“I’m doing fine.”

Roberts said no further tests are scheduled.

“There’s junk going around,” he said. “I think a lot of people have had some minor stuff here and there. I think there’s several people that don’t feel awesome, but nothing terrible.”

Roberts is assuming that he’ll also start in Game 2, but manager Buck Showalter will check on him after Game 1.

Showalter confirmed today’s roster move during his session with reporters, though word leaked before he entered the interview room.

If Chris Jakubauskas starts tomorrow, “he could go six to seven (innings) if we need it,” Showalter said.

Jakubauskas would be working on normal rest after throwing five scoreless innings Tuesday against Norfolk State. The only way he doesn’t start tomorrow is if Showalter needs him today in relief.

Brad Bergesen, optioned to Triple-A Norfolk, declined comment when approached by reporters.

“I don’t think he’s pitched more than four innings in 20 days. It’s time for him to get down there and get his feet back on the ground,” Showalter said.

“He had a lot of things thrown at him there with the line drive, with (Brian) Matusz being out, with (Jeremy) Guthrie’s health. We need a starter tomorrow potentially if Guthrie can’t go, and Bergy’s only had three days’ rest. After throwing 80-something, 90, he’s not equipped to do that.”

Besides being on normal rest, Jakubauskas also brings appeal because he has options remaining and easily can be sent back down.

“That’s something’s that’s been a challenge for us, the way we’re constructed,” Showalter said.

“We saw him this spring and he pitched real well for us. Locates his fastball, has a feel for pitching, athletic, holds runners, he works fast, which is always a good thing. But he’s facing the Rangers as a starter rather than coming to the rescue mentality. He’s got some major league experience, too.”

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