Today’s silver lining (updated)

The Orioles are losing again today, 1-0, on a Carlos Santana home run leading off the second inning.

They’re in another early hole, though not as deep as we’ve seen in other games on this awful road trip.

Here’s the good news: Brad Bergesen is mostly forcing the Indians to hit the ball on the ground.

Of the six outs he’s recorded, five have come on ground balls. He also struck out Matt LaPorta to end the second.

When Bergesen makes hitters pound the ball into the ground, he usually wins games.

Brian Roberts had fielded four of those balls in two innings.

Here’s the rest of the dark cloud: The first nine Orioles have been retired on 32 pitches.

Instant update: Grady Sizemore just homered on a 2-0 pitch to increase the Indians’ lead to 2-0 in the third. Sizemore came off the disabled list this morning.

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