Uehara walks, Orioles stumble again

The Orioles trailed by two runs in the top of the ninth. Derrek Lee swung at the first pitch from Indians reliever Chris Perez and flied out. Vladimir Guerrero swung at the second pitch and flied out. Luke Scott swung at the first pitch and missed it, putting him in an 0-1 hole.

Scott eventually ran the count full before taking a called third strike to run the losing streak to seven games. The ball was so far outside, it would have rolled into the third base dugout, but why should anything go their way?

The Orioles are in a rut and they’re impatient. Finally, a hitter keeps the bat on his shoulder and he pays for it.

The road trip was wet, the offense soggy. The Orioles kept putting runners on base, but they couldn’t get the one big hit that might have reversed the outcome. They were 0-for-5 with runners in scoring position today and 5-for-24 in the series, and the double plays really hurt them.

Gary Thorne asks Buck Showalter his thoughts on the O’s 4-2 loss to Cleveland

It’s gotten so bad, Koji Uehara walked two batters in the bottom of the eighth.

The free pass to Shin-Soo Choo was Uehara’s first walk in 37 appearances, a streak that began on July 19. He struck out 46 batters without a walk before losing Choo and Travis Hafner.

So, does Chris Tillman want to be the stopper tomorrow night at Camden Yards? Does the offense want to support him?

Kids are running the bases now at Progressive Field. The Orioles should take notes on how to cross the plate.

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