Jones and Tillman: That’s what they said

Adam Jones downplayed the idea that he’s trying to prove something to the Mariners, the team that brought him into the majors and traded him to the Orioles.

“I don’t care about playing the Mariners anymore,” he said. “The only thing that’s cool is to still see Ichiro and some of the boys, my friends that get called up like Mike Wilson, some of the guys I played with. Besides that, they’re another team now.”

It meant more to Jones that he had three hits off Felix Hernandez.

“It’s special to get one hit off him,” Jones said. “The guy is one of the best pitchers in baseball and we put some good at-bats together as a team against him.”

Is this the most confident that Jones has been?

“I’m about as confident as I was eight years ago,” he replied. “I don’t think that part has ever left me. It’s not the results. Sometimes, you can go out there and feel great and go 0-for-4, sometimes you feel a little lazy and get a couple of knocks. I’m trying to be as consistent as I can in the box and get a good pitch to hit and lay off all the BS they are trying to throw me.”

Jones’ mother is here for the series, but she won’t stay in Baltimore for the rest of the summer. Sorry, but it’s not happening.

“She likes being in Arizona,” Jones said. “She likes her own bed. I’ll see what I can work out there. We’ll see what we can do. I don’t know if she’s going to miss her husband too much or not. She’s not really cooked too much for me. She actually made me breakfast this morning. I’m going to see if she can make me some tacos tonight or something.”

Chris Tillman beat his former team tonight, and he seemed to take a little more satisfaction out of it than Jones.

Chris Tillman talks with the media about his six strong innings after the O’s 4-2 win

“It felt good,” he said. “First of all, it was good seeing those guys again, the few that are left. But I think that gave me a little extra boost. Kind of wanted to stick it up their butts a little bit.”

So what was different about Tillman tonight?

“There wasn’t a whole lot that was different,” he replied. “I just made my pitches. Last time, I think I made good pitches early on and then when it came down to making that one pitch, I left it up and they put good wood on it. I think (Matt) Wieters kept me right on line tonight and didn’t let me get away from myself.”

Tillman threw more changeups than usual.

“That changeup is a big pitch for me and Wieters knows that, and being able to have him back there again, he made me throw it - whether for ball, for strike, he made me keep throwing it, keep throwing it,” Tillman said. “The confidence kind of built up through the whole game, He did a great job back there.”

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