MacPhail on Simon; O’s-Royals should start at 2:45 p.m. on MASN

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said pitcher Alfredo Simon will make his next start with Double-A Bowie next week at Prince George’s Stadium.

The Orioles have an agreement with Major League Baseball that Simon can remain on the restricted list and continue his assignment as if he’s going through a regular spring training.

“I think the deal that was worked out in New York is pretty reflective of what you’d expect for spring training. That’s how much time he gets, what a normal spring training would be,” MacPhail said.

Since Simon was never charged in the shooting death of his cousin in the Dominican on New Years Day, “I don’t think you can deny the opportunity for employment,” MacPhail said.

Asked for his opinion on Simon’s outing today, MacPhail said, “It seems to me he ran out of gas there a little bit, pretty much what you would expect for someone who’s getting the competitive juices flowing pretty much for the first time.

“He’s going through a spring training and he’s been at it now for about a month, and generally spring training is six or seven weeks for pitchers, so he’s got a couple more weeks at least of rehabs and trying to stretch him out. We’d like to give ourselves the option of being able to build him up as a starter, and he can always go in the bullpen from there.”

Simon had decent command, though he hit a batter and threw two wild pitches. He didn’t walk a batter and struck out five.

“I think it was about what you’d expect,” MacPhail said. “More curveballs than I’m used to seeing. Last year, when he was working out of the ‘pen, he was pretty much split and fastball and occasional slider, but he mixed in more curveballs than I’m accustomed to seeing in the big leagues. I think if you’re preparing him as a starter, that’s probably a good thing.”

Asked how he thinks Simon is handling everything since being released from prison, MacPhail said, “He’s just starting. This is kind of the initial phase where you guys will ask your questions, so I think that’s something we’re going to find out over the very near future.”

Bowie and Harrisburg are tied, 6-6, in the ninth, Catcher Steve Lerud hit a three-run homer in the seventh to even the score.

Update: The start of today’s Orioles-Royals game in Kansas City is being delayed by rain. Tune to MASN/MASN HD for updates.

Update II: The tarp’s off the field and they’re shooting for a 2:45 p.m. start in Kansas City. The game will air on MASN/MASN HD.

Update III: The game is finally under way after a rain delay. Tune into MASN/MASN HD for the broadcast and check back at for updates throughout today’s game.

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