More clubhouse chatter

Michael Gonzalez:
“No way, shape or form was I trying to hit (Chris) Dickerson or anything like that. In fact, I was trying to throw a fastball down and away. It got away from me and I’m sorry it hit him. No one is harder on themselves than me. I understand and I know how it looked.”

“It was kind of shocking. I hit him and obviously I get thrown out, and I was more worried about how he was doing down there. You see a player go down like that and obviously in his head area, I really wasn’t sure that he threw me out or not. First of all, I didn’t understand why, and second of all, Dickerson is down there on the ground and that’s the last thing you want to see.”

“I definitely wanted to go in there and get it done, obviously. I feel like I threw a good fastball and I threw it to a good hitter (Robinson Cano) and he got contact. That’s what I can say about that.”

“The guys, 15 innings, to go out there and grind the way they did, I mean, it pretty much breaks my heart that I went out there and that’s how we finished up.”

Brandon Snyder:
“Obviously, when you’re at first base, you’re trying to get a good jump breaking up the double play. As soon as the ball was hit, I read the ball and literally just froze. I knew I couldn’t beat it and that split second of hesitation got me. I tried to get out of the way and the ball just felt like it chased me.”

“Given the way the game went, it’s tough. I don’t think I’ll ever feel any worse about the way it worked out. But to be honest, that’s the game of baseball. We get to go out and get them tomorrow. It’s one of those freak accidents that you’ve just got to kind of say, ‘Hey, get better by tomorrow and learn from it, and hopefully go out there tomorrow and get a win.’”

Jeremy Guthrie:
“It felt just like any other thing - just get ready. I almost did it last year, too. It’s not the first time I warmed up for a game in the bullpen.”

“I haven’t talked to them. I’m going to talk to Buck (Showalter). I told him I saved everything I had through limited warm-up pitches. I just tried to work down in the zone quick. I’m ready to go tomorrow, so we’ll see. I have to go talk to him first.”

Zach Britton:
“I thought I threw the ball well. Obviously, I made a mistake throwing the ball into the outfield and that’s a big run there. I felt like I did OK. I kept us in the game, but we lost, so it’s not a very good day.”

“I saw that A-Rod was getting a good jump out there, so I did an inside move and I thought I got him. I make a good throw and I think I got him out. It kind of got away from me a little bit, went into the outfield. He did a good job of scoring that run, getting that run in.”

Luke Scott:
“I haven’t felt comfortable all year. I’ve had some good swings this year, but I haven’t been very consistent. I’ve been working my butt off and just really trying to find my swing and get in a comfort zone. It just hasn’t happened yet. It’s extremely frustrating and disappointing for me. It’s not for a lack of effort. I’m really looking hard for it. It bothers me. I lose sleep over it.”

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