Most postgame chatter

Adam Jones talks about:

Being in a groove:
“I feel good up there at the plate. The team is swinging it better of late and I just feed off the person in front of me. Everybody needs to just feed off each other.”

On the fourth-inning outburst:
“It was about time. It was about time when we get one of those instances where you bat twice in an inning.”

Outfield-Jumping_White-Tall.gifOn Luke Hochevar returning for the fifth inning:
“He had what? I think I looked up and he had in the seventh 88 pitches or something like that. His pitch count wasn’t high, he just gave up a ton of runs in a short stint. But that’s good by the manager, keeping the young guy’s confidence up. Look, you gave up some runs but you are still in this game. And you don’t know what can happen in the game of baseball.”

On the four-game winning streak:
“We’re playing better of late. We’re not trying to get ahead of ourselves and think about three days in advance. It was a good win tonight and now it’s get some rest and come in here tomorrow and take care of tomorrow’s business and worry about the following days as they come.”

Luke Scott talks about:

The eight-run inning:
“There was a lot of excitement, a lot of piles of energy. We were all puling for each other. It’s like a feeding frenzy of sharks. One hits the bait and the next thing you know, pieces start flying. You see what sharks do, they just feed off
making a frenzy. It’s a lot of positive energy. It was fun.”

On Adam Jones:
“He is really doing very well. He’s a very smart hitter, a very dangerous hitter. He’s looking for pitches, kind of like a hunter would. I know when I’m swinging the bat well, I tend to start zeroing in on a certain pitch and location. That’s what I see him doing. He’s got a good feel at the plate, he’s got a good balance and he’s not missing the pitches he’s getting.”

Jake Arrieta talks about:

His start:
“I wasn’t as economical as I would have liked to be. I took too many economics courses not to be. I’ll get better at that. Just something I have to continue to progress with and just stay mentally locked in, continue to get better. But
overall I think it was good. I gave the team what we needed.”

On walking the leadoff batter in the fifth with an 8-0 lead:
“Sometimes, it’s tough with the long layover like that to stay loose and stay focused, but those are things that are easy corrections and I just need to stay on top of it and be better next time out.”

On his run support:
“I don’t know (why). It’s a good feeling, though. It takes the pressure off me and makes my job a little bit easier. But the mentality is the same, no matter if it’s a one-run game, a tie game or a lopsided ballgame. You’ve still got to go
out there and force contact and keep the team in the game.”

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