Not going good for Gonzo (updated)

I’m set up in the press box and still waiting to find out whether the Orioles are making one or more roster moves.

The over/under is one.

My last entry has received 109 comments (hopefully no more duplicates), and many of them are aimed at left-hander Michael Gonzalez.

Gonzalez has been scored upon in his last four appearances covering two-plus innings. And I’m not counting inherited runners. Two more crossed the plate last night on Robinson Cano’s double.

Gonzalez has allowed four earned runs (eight total) and eight hits, with one walk and one strikeout. His 8.53 ERA is well above the league average of 3.82 for relievers.

“We thought we might have him going there for a while,” manager Buck Showalter said after last night’s game. “He pitched decently for a little spurt, but he’s had his struggles his last two or three times out.”

At least.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there’s no way that Gonzalez was throwing at Chris Dickerson last night. It’s fine to vent here - that’s one reason this blog exists - but it’s ridiculous to assume that Gonzalez wanted to drill Dickerson in the head and risk causing a serious injury just because he gave up a two-run double. And that he’d do it on his third pitch of the at-bat. And that he’d do it with the Orioles’ bullpen empty. And that he usually has pinpoint control, so if he hit a batter, it must be intentional.

Showalter conceded that it looked bad. It usually does in those instances. But Gonzalez isn’t a noted headhunter (my second Gilligan’s Island reference) and he shouldn’t have been ejected.

If Dickerson had immediately jumped to his feet and trotted to first base, Showalter would have joined Gonzalez in the clubhouse. He most certainly would have argued to the point of ejection. I’m thinking his face would still be red today and the veins in his neck would resemble the hose that’s used to wet the infield dirt.

Gonzalez has a minor league option, but he’d have to approve an assignment because of his service time. I can’t see the Orioles letting him go when he’s being paid $6 million and it’s May 19. We’re not aware of an injury, though this might be a good time to invent one and let him work on his mechanics.

Update: At least one roster move is coming. Pitchers Chris Jakubauskas and Troy Patton are in the Orioles clubhouse.

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