Showalter on roster move and catching plans

Manager Buck Showalter talked about the latest roster move while meeting with reporters this morning.

Catcher Craig Tatum is in the lineup. First baseman Brandon Snyder is back with Triple-A Norfolk.


“We want to make sure Brandon continues to have a pretty good year down there, but it gives us an opportunity to move Jake (Fox) around a little bit. This is beneficial for everybody,” Showalter said.

“Craig’s been hurt down there, his shoulder, something similar to what was going on last year with him. But only catching once a week or at the most twice a week, it was very manageable and wasn’t a problem. But down there, he was catching more consistently. It kind of cropped up on him. He’s caught a couple games down there and feels really good.

“It’s going to give us some more flexibility. It’s kind of hurt Jake some because we had to hold him out in case something happened with Matt (Wieters).”

Does this mean more days off for Wieters?

“Not more than the schedule calls for,” Showalter replied. “I could have, with no rain, pretty much told him which days we’d probably try to stay away from him. If there’s a good matchup on a Friday night and one that fits Tatum or Fox better on Saturday, you may not catch him that night game before the day game and have him catch the day game. You also have to look at what’s behind that. With off-days and what have you, you’d like to have a Sunday off with the off-day Monday so you get the benefit of two.

“I’ve been looking at it a little bit with Nicky (Markakis), but he doesn’t want to hear it, so don’t anybody tell him.”

The Orioles have five open dates on the June schedule, so resting players shouldn’t be an issue.

“We’re trying to position ourselves to have (Wieters) in good physical shape in July and August when it gets challenging physically,” Showalter said.

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