Things we need to know

Later today, we’ll find out whether Brad Bergesen is starting on normal rest or a restless Jeremy Guthrie talked manager Buck Showalter into giving him the ball.

We’ll find out whether Derrek Lee is going on the disabled list so the Orioles can recall a reliever, and whether Troy Patton is the choice, since he’s already here (though I doubt that he unpacked.)

We’ll find out whether Brian Roberts took two aspirin and called Showalter in the morning to say he could play tonight, or whether he ends up on the disabled list if he’s dealing with more than just headaches.

We’ll find out whether the Orioles keep Lee and Roberts off the disabled list and remove one of their current relievers to make room for a fresh arm.

We’ll find out whether Showalter is willing to play with a two-man bench again if Lee and Roberts aren’t available.

We’ll find out whether Showalter uses a different leadoff hitter if Roberts can’t play. Felix Pie got the assignment last night, but the Yankees are starting left-hander CC Sabathia.

We’ll find out whether Showalter uses a different first baseman. Luke Scott got the assignment last night, but the Yankees are starting CC Sabathia. Maybe Jake Fox or Brandon Snyder will take Scott’s place. Maybe they can share the bag and increase the range.

We’ll find out if tonight’s home plate umpire has the same strike zone as Dan Bellino, who would have given Bartolo Colon the outside corner if the catcher set up in the third stall of the visiting clubhouse bathroom.

We’ll find out whether the Orioles decide to play 18 innings tonight and use up half of their affiliates’ bullpens, too.

I’d settle for a normal night, but what are the chances?

My guess is Bergesen gets the start, since Guthrie was rushed into warming up and pitching last night, and the Orioles don’t need to bring him right back less than 24 hours later. I’ll also assume that Patton is officially recalled and told it’s safe to put his toiletries in his locker. I’ll assume that Patton is given a locker. And I’ll say a right-handed hitter plays first base instead of Scott, who stranded everyone last night except the passengers and crew of the S.S. Minnow.

Those are the safest picks, but what do I know? I thought the Orioles could finish a game at Camden Yards in nine innings, and I can’t remember the last time it’s happened.

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