While waiting for first pitch ...

Here are some quotes from manager Buck Showalter that came out of his pregame session with the media:

On Mark Reynolds:
“He’s not starting tonight, but he’ll be back in there tomorrow, more than likely.”

“There are things that him and Jimmy (Presley) are constantly working on and it clicks for a day or so, and then he kind of gets into some habits again. Hitting up here is an ongoing process. Just because it clicks and you’re doing it for a day or two... Hitting and playing in the big leagues and pitching are hard. It’s hard. Only certain people in the world can do it and there’s a fine line being able to stay in that. Guys with great track records struggle at times every year. Mark has had his challenges. It looks like he was going to get going a couple times and just can’t maintain it.”

“He’s a 27-year-old man. This is not some guy who’s been playing in the big leagues for 100 years. This is his fourth or fifth year in the major leagues, but it’s his first year in this league. Some people will tell you his strikeout totals are down, comparatively speaking, but I think he’s aware where he is offensively, he’s capable of better and we need better.”

Updating injured players:
“(Justin) Duchscherer threw a side with no problem. He’ll throw two innings on Friday. (Brian) Matusz pitched three innings today and no problems. He did take a comebacker on his right wrist, but he’s OK. We’ve got the video here. We were watching it earlier. He’ll meet us over in Tampa for a side and then he’ll pitch in Frederick. He’ll fly back with us on Sunday and pitch in Frederick on Monday, if everything goes well.”

On not adding a reliever:
“(Brad) Bergesen’s work day is today. He’s had two days off. We’ll hold him out of that work day. He’ll be available in an emergency out of the bullpen. If (Chris) Tillman struggles in his start tonight, we’ll probably have to make an adjustment, but (Jason) Berken’s ready to go long if we need it. It’s one thing for a guy to be able to go long, it’s another thing for a team to cooperate and let him go long. There’s two ways to look at it. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen. We’ve only got two or three guys I really want to stay away from tonight. I’d like to stay away from all of them.”

On Chris Tillman’s command issues:
“I think he’s trying to throw the ball in certain areas. We go through a lot, especially our young pitchers. Jake (Arrieta) threw 103 pitches last night where he probably should have been at 85, 90, but there were quick 3-0 counts and deep counts. We’ve had challenges with our young pitchers being 0-2, 1-2, and the next thing you know it’s 3-2 and they’ve eliminated any sequence of what was coming with hitters. You look at three areas: Do they hit their target with their fastball? Do they miss their target with the fastball on the proper side? And do they miss it all the way across the plate the other way? Looking at the percentages, it’s pretty obvious where some of their challenges are. It’s still the best pitch in baseball if you can locate your fastball.”

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