Again taking the fun out of fundamentals (Hardy homers)

Mark Reynolds just got doubled off first base on a routine fly ball to right field.

Reynolds singled to lead off the top of the fifth inning, his ground ball sneaking into left field, but he began trotting back to first on Ryan Adams’ fly ball to former Oriole Jose Bautista. Then he sped up. Then it was too late.

Bautista made the catch and gunned a throw to first. Reynolds made a late slide and was out.

Manager Buck Showalter stood motionless in the dugout, his hand resting on his face.

You want to know how a team loses four games in a row and 16 straight in one ballpark? Failing to do the little things and making big mistakes rate highly on the list.

Bautista put his hands out as if he didn’t see the ball, but he was camped under it. He saw it all the way. And he saw that Reynolds wasn’t paying attention to him after making the catch.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Guthie has held the Blue Jays to one hit in four scoreless innings, but the Orioles are being shut out by Zach Stewart, who’s making his major league debut straight out of Double-A New Hampshire.

Random stat: Vladimir Guerrero singled in the fourth inning. Fifty-six of his 72 hits have been singles.

Instant update: J.J. Hardy led off the sixth inning with his seventh home run of the season. No more shutout. No more tie.

Hardy didn’t miss a base as he circled them. That’s fundamentals at work.

Update II: Vladimir Guerrero doubled to score Nick Markakis, who reached on an infield hit. Make that 56 singles in 73 hits.

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