Bundy meets the press - sort of

The Orioles arranged a late conference call with first-round pick Dylan Bundy, who talked about watching the First-Year Player Draft with another Oklahoma high school pitcher, Archie Bradley, chosen by the Diamondbacks with the seventh selection.

“Me and Archie were both sitting there in that huge ballroom with a bunch of our friends and family and saw the fourth pick flash over, and we had a pretty good idea it might be one of us, but we weren’t sure,” Bundy said. “And then my name got called out and I recognized my name was Bundy, and I kind of got emotional. I started to tear up a little bit, because the first thing I thought of was my brother (Bobby), because he’s in the organization and how I dreamed of playing with him and it’s actually happening. So it’s been amazing.

“Really I just thought I was going four or five, Orioles or Kansas City, even though there were rumors that Baltimore wasn’t going to take me because of signability and all this stuff. I was just hoping that they might change their mind and let me play with my brother this year.”

Bobby allowed one run in seven innings tonight for Single-A Frederick. Perhaps they’ll be part of the same rotation in future years. That’s certainly been a topic of conversation in their household.

“Me and my brother obviously talked about it. We’re brothers,” Bundy said. “I’ve told him I wanted to pitch either against him in the major leagues or with him. A one-two starter combo would be awesome, and it’s come to reality today that I might get that opportunity to do that in the near future.”

So who would be No. 1 and who would be No. 2?

“I don’t want to answer that,” Bundy said.

Since he brought up signability, what about those financial demands?

“The numbers that were thrown out were true,” he said, “That’s how we feel and we feel that I am one of the best prep pitchers out there in the draft this year, and we’ll see what happens, I guess.”

A reporter clarified the previous question by reminding Bundy that published reports stated that he sought $30 million. Is that about right?

“I guess so, huh?” he replied.

Best response of the entire conference call, even if it makes you cringe to imagine that negotiation.

Asked about his much-publicized workout routine, Bundy said, “It all goes to my brother and my Dad. They taught me to work hard and all my hard work would pay off someday, and obviously it did today, I’m the first pick, and it’s something I’m very honored to have. But I do a lot of different stuff, a lot of workouts. A lot of people call me a workout freak, and I’m glad I have that term.

“I think I’m going to continue to do all of my workouts this summer until hopefully us and the Orioles work out a deal, and I’m going to work with the Orioles and let them have their opinion on my workout and see what they think about them. I do a punching bag routine that everybody can look up on YouTube. I like to do a long toss. Everybody likes to say I like to do long toss but I mean, I only do it once or twice a week and it’s not 500 feet.”

Where did his mechanics come from?

“Really, my dad taught me everything I know,” he said. “I don’t really know what answer you are looking for, but he taught me, don’t look like you’re throwing your hardest. That’s going to hurt your arm. You want to stay easy, fluid and flexible, obviously. And basically just stay smooth and you’ll throw harder than you would trying to throw hard.”

Bundy, who has a scholarship offer from the University of Texas, said he enjoys watching Cliff Lee pitch and sees similarities to his own style.

“He kind of throws like I do, real nice and smooth, and keeps the ball down well,” Bundy said.

Finally, what about the importance of signing soon?

“Obviously, I want to play pro ball. That’s my dream,” he said. “But college is there also if things don’t work out.”

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