Hearing from Guthrie, Gregg, Accardo and Reynolds

Jeremy Guthrie talked about:

His outing:
“I think it turned out that the big home runs by Mark (Reynolds) made it so, yeah, we were in the game. Any other night, David (Price) is throwing the ball so well throughout his career that three runs could have been considered not keeping us in the game. But we had good at-bats all night, the offense took some good swings and even hit some long outs, so the credit’s to the offense. That’s why we were in the game. Ultimately, we’re trying to win the game, so yeah, you can be pleased that I left with a chance to help the team win. I could have done much better. I need to do much better, but at the same time, being ahead of a tough ballclub and a tough pitcher is something to build off.”

The Rays’ two-run fifth inning:
“I thought I made some better pitches than the result gave me in that inning, but it was a good piece of hitting to get that leadoff (man) on. We tried to go in for one of the few times all night on (Ben) Zobrist and he just turned on it, turned and burned, so I got myself a hole. But it was nice to get out of there with just the two runs, and it turned out to be big for us because that allowed us to take the lead afterward.”

This game being a tough one to lose:
“Yeah, we had our chances. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’ve been so good closing out games recently that it’s tough. We’re not going to always have everything go well for us and be perfect, and tonight we let them back in the game, let them tie it up and went ahead again on a great at-bat by (Brandon) Snyder, specifically. The whole inning was a great inning, but he had that huge at-bat and had another shot at it and they did a great job. A couple inches here or there and all of the sudden the game is tied in the ninth again.”

Kevin Gregg talked about:

Casey Kotchman’s game-tying single in the ninth:
“He went down and got a fastball. Didn’t try to do too much to it, and a line drive to center field.”

Whether it was frustrating:
“Every time it slips away, it’s frustrating. You try to make your pitches and hopefully the ball bounces your way.”

Whether he felt like he made his pitches:
“Yeah, you know Zobrist slices a ball down the line, pitch around (Matt) Joyce. Put myself in a situation where I can get a double play with (Evan) Longoria or keep the ball in the infield. Was able to do that and then Kotchman goes down and hits a liner to center field. There’s not much to say about it. But you know, he pops that ball up, we’re good.”

Jeremy Accardo talked about:

The game slipping away:
“You’ve got to look at some of the positives from this. We put up some runs off a pretty good pitcher out there and our offense did a great job. Mark (Reynolds) did a great job. Guthrie, he battled and gave us what he got. And I think nine times out of 10 you run Jim (Johnson) and Kev out there and it’s going to be pretty much a done deal. So the game kind of does this to you sometimes. You’ve got to take what you can, what’s positive from it.”

Whether he made his pitches:
“Zobrist, you know, a four-hopper down the line hits the chalk. What can you do about that? Go out and get the next guy and try to strike out Longoria, which is a tough thing to do, especially since he was having a good day. And even that pitch, I went and looked at it. It’s a foot outside, but he went and got a piece of the bat on it and dumped it in. There’s nothing really more I could have done. But you kind of lose a little bit of your focus, and the tough part is just
staying in the game and trying to keep it a one-run game.”

Mark Reynolds talked about:

A frustrating loss:
“We definitely missed out on a lot of chances. We should have probably won the game. It’s a tough loss. It will test the character of the club. We’ll try to bounce back tomorrow and get the series.”

David Price:
“He’s not fun to face. I got two fastballs out over the plate. One was a 3-0 count and he just kind of grooved it in there. Buck (Showalter) gave me the green light, so I was able to take advantage of that. He’s a great pitcher for a reason. He stayed in there and I think he threw 120 or 130 pitches or something like that. He kept his team in the game and they were able to come back and win.”

On getting the green light:
“I haven’t gotten the green light all year, to be honest with you, but we’re down a run with a guy on. I’ve been swinging the bat pretty good, so why not? I was kind of happy that he gave it to me. I know (Price) doesn’t want to put a runner in scoring position right there, so he gave me a heater right there.”

The bullpen:
“You can’t blame those guys. We had more chances to score more runs than we did and we couldn’t get it done. They can’t be perfect all the time. They’ve been throwing the ball real good. Tonight, we just didn’t get it done. That’s all I have to say about it.”

And that’s all I have to pass along to you. Let’s do this again in the morning. Sleep fast.

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