Jones: “I just missed the ball” (Snyder optioned)

Adam Jones talked about the inside-the-park home run that provided a convenient snapshot of today’s 9-6 loss to the Rays.

“I missed the ball,” he said. “I had a shot at it. I just missed the ball.”


Did the ball hit his glove?

“I haven’t seen the replay of it,” he said. “I just know you’ve seen me catch it many times. It’s cool when everybody out there starts ripping you when you usually catch everything. But it’s all good.”

Sounds like the fans were a little harsh in center field.

Jones disputed the notion that the game was sloppy.

“I would say that balls were just getting hit hard,” he said. “There was a lot of offense going on. Things were happening.

“I don’t think it was a sloppy game. The ball just didn’t bounce our way. The ball takes hops. We make attempts to catch them. It just didn’t happen.”

Jones also said he’s not concerned about Brian Matusz’s stuff.

“That’s not my area,” Jones said. “He goes out there and gives it what he has. I don’t look at the guns out there, I don’t pay attention to all that. In this game, you go on results, and the results today weren’t where you want it. I think it’s his third start. He’s been throwing the ball the first two starts good. That’s a feisty-ass team over there. They’ve proven that. They’re scoring five, six runs a game on the road. They’ve been swinging the bats pretty good of late. He’s a confident kid. He’s going to get his stuff right back his next start.”

UPDATE: The Orioles optioned infielder Brandon Snyder to Triple-A Norfolk after the game.

Derrek Lee will replace Snyder on the roster after coming off the bereavement list.

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