Orioles-Cardinals in rain delay (will resume 9 p.m.)

I knew this game was moving too fast.

The tarp is coming on the field after umpires halted play at 8:35 p.m.

Too bad the grounds crew didn’t take action a few minutes earlier. Colby Rasmus hit a 400-foot home run to extend the Cardinals’ lead to 4-0 in the top of the sixth.

Zach Britton retired Yadier Molina on a ground ball for the second out before the Orioles bolted for the dugout.

Britton had retired eight of nine batters before Rasmus launched his seventh home run.

I’ll take this opportunity to catch you up on the Orioles’ draft picks who have agreed to terms:

Mike Wright (third round), Kyle SImon (fourth), Matt Taylor (fifth), Trent Howard (seventh), Devin Jones (ninth), Adam Davis (11th), Mark Blackmar (16th), Dustin Ward (19th), Jalen Simmons (24th), Cameron Edmund (29th), Zachary Fowler (34th) and Jerome Pena (38th).

Tonight’s attendance: 20,556

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