Reimold starting tonight

Nolan Reimold is making his first start tonight since June 19. He’ll also get his first at-bats since that date.

For the Orioles:
J.J. Hardy SS
Nick Markakis RF
Adam Jones CF
Vladimir Guerrero DH
Derrek Lee 1B
Matt Wieters C
Mark Reynolds 3B
Nolan Reimold LF
Robert Andino 2B

Brian Matusz LHP

If you’re keeping score at home, here are the Orioles’ draft picks who have agreed to terms:

Mike Wright (3), Kyle Simon (4), Matt Taylor (5), Trent Howard (7), Devin Jones (9), Adam Davis (11), Eric Wooten (15), Mark Blackmar (16), Dustin Ward (19), Jose Rivera (21), Jalen Simmons (24), Cameron Edmund (29), Zachary Fowler (34) and Jerome Pena (38).

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