Showalter speaks after 4-0 win

Nolan Reimold wasn’t available tonight because of neck spasms. He could only pinch-run, but the Orioles are hoping that he returns to the lineup tomorrow night against Oakland left-hander Josh Outman.

The Orioles won the series over Oakland after losing the last eight. Their last series win over the Athletics came in July 2007.

Looking for nights to attend games at Camden Yards? The Orioles are 5-0 at home on Tuesdays.

By the way, the Orioles will face Jeremy Hellickson, David Price and Wade Davis when Tampa Bay comes to town this weekend.

Buck Showalter meets with the media following the Birds’ 4-0 win over Oakland

Here’s manager Buck Showalter talking about:

Chris Jakubauskas:
“Jak was good. We felt like he’d work with a quick tempo and throw the ball over the plate and see if his stuff was good enough to compete. He commanded the fastball and it really makes it a lot easier for Matty (Wieters). Spun the curveball. Threw a couple changeups and cutters. Took a pretty good pop on the lower calf - shin, calf.”

Whether the shot to Jakubauskas’ left leg caused him to leave after the fifth:
“He only had 10 or 15 more pitches anyway. And the thing would stiffen up, especially when we knew we were going to have a little bit longer inning after the home run.”

Clay Rapada, who hadn’t pitched since May 28:
“I’ve really been looking for a way to get Clay out there. He had a pretty funny line. He asked somebody yesterday, ‘Am I on the DL and I just don’t know it and the coaches haven’t told me?’ In my younger day, I don’t know how funny that would have been, but I thought it was really funny. I wanted to get Clay out there anyway. It was a good spot. Jeremy (Accardo) pitched really well. Kept us from having to pitch people we’d like to stay away from, and tack-on runs allowed us to do that.”

Luke Scott:
“It was good to see him smile, feel good about himself. Luke’s always a pleasant, upbeat guy, but you know it’s kind of been wearing on him, some of the challenges he’s been facing this year. He never complained. It’s just not in Luke’s makeup. He just keeps doing what he can do to be available. I think everybody on the club took a little happiness in Luke having a good game.”

J.J. Hardy:
“It’s funny, I can’t ever remember winning a game when our leadoff guy hit a home run. Tonight was an exception. Usually, it works the other way around. J.J. gave everybody some pretty good lines in the dugout. Somebody dropped a Bobby Bonds on him. I don’t think half of our guys knew who it was. J.J.’s been swinging the bat well. Gave us a quick cushion. We had some hairy guys hit the ball in the seats and we pitched well. That’s the combination from years gone by here.”

What it meant to see Jakubauskas start for the first time since April 2010:
“Jak’s got a great personality. That’s why people are kind of drawn to him. Doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he competes. When something like that is close to being taken away from you completely, you can get a little better grip on reality. Not that he didn’t have it before. I didn’t know him then. I’m glad to see him get that last out for a lot of reasons. He wanted to go back out there. It was nothing to do with being fearful that he was going to be fearful.”

Whether Jakubauskas earned another start:
“He didn’t do anything to make us not think that. We’ve got some off days and things. It gives us an opportunity to look at some things, whether we want to give somebody an extra day or not. We were waiting until after tonight and kind of shuffle around and see where we are. Obviously, (Zach) Britton is pitching tomorrow. Fortunately, Rick Adair, our bullpen coach, was the pitching coach in Seattle and had him last year. He spun a couple really good games, similar to that, where he had good command of his fastball. I liked the tempo and athleticism. He’s probably our best hitter on our pitching staff. He’s very athletic. He played a position. We were trying to pick the guy and we hoped it might be Jak because of what he brings with the strike-throwing, the tempo. As you saw, he was able to do it. I thought the first inning was big for him.”

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