Showalter speaks after 8-4 loss

WASHINGTON - Manager Buck Showalter completed his postgame interview session with the media in under three minutes. It’s the only thing that didn’t take long.

The game lasted 3 hours, 20 minutes and followed a 56-minute rain delay. Showalter clearly wanted to attend to more pressing matters afterward, which included designating reliever Jeremy Accardo for assignment. The Orioles made four roster moves, which I detailed in my last entry.

Busy night.

Showalter held his temper, but he clearly was agitated by the Orioles’ sloppy play and wasted opportunities. They collected 18 hits but scored only four runs. The Nationals didn’t walk a batter all night, but they sure put the ball in play.

“We had three guys get 13 of them,” Showalter said, referencing the five hits from Derrek Lee and four each from Adam Jones and Nick Markakis. “We had some good swings and at-bats tonight. I think Zach (Britton) only gave up one earned run. I thought he pitched well in a lot of ways. Just frustrating for him, I’m sure. He deserved a lot better fate.

“We had some opportunities and just couldn’t take advantage of them. Two ways to look at it. You’re really proud of creating that many opportunities to score runs, but the double play got us again. I think we had two or three, something like that.”

The Mark Reynolds error in the fifth opened the flood gates, but Showalter was protective of his third baseman.

“We had plenty of opportunities to not make that matter,” he said. “Over a nine-inning game you’ve got plenty of opportunities. Hanging something around one play in a game like that, I think it’s just not something I’m going to do anyway.

“We had plenty of opportunities. I know that’s how it’s looked at sometimes: Let’s figure out the goat and the hero. But there’s a lot more to it than that.”

Asked if he’s concerned about the bad plays in the field and the poor pitching, Showalter replied, “Those things are correctable in a lot of ways.”

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