Guthrie: “This is a win that makes me feel really good”

Jeremy Guthrie had lost seven straight games to the Red Sox. He had one victory this season since May 21.

He needed tonight’s win. He needed it badly.

“It feels really good,” he said. “Good game there. The late runs were huge for us and we played great defense. This is a win that makes me feel really good and I think the team feels good about it.

“Throwing strikes obviously was the biggest difference, getting ahead of guys, being able to use the fastball to get people out as well as get ahead. It was nice to be able to recover there. I had a few 3-0 counts but was able to come back on a couple of them.

“I think it all came down to being able to work ahead in the count, to throw strikes, throw some quality strikes as well. I’ve been behind lately in counts. I haven’t really put myself in a position to succeed.”

Guthrie appreciated Matt Wieters’ throw that cut down Marco Scutaro at second base and ended the seventh.

“That’s a big throw,” he said. “I think everyone knows how well defensively he’s been all season. A huge throw out right there. (Jacoby) Ellsbury is one of their hotter hitters, not only on their team but in the league, so any at-bat against him is tough. It was a big third out on the basepaths. To not have to pitch to him was a big boost.”

Jim Johnson provided one of his own with two perfect innings.

“I watched it from inside,” Guthrie said. “The quality of his pitches tonight, like usual, were very, very impressive. He threw the ball extremely well. That 3-1 changeup was one of the best pitches I’ve seen all year in terms of execution and depth, to (Adrian) Gonzalez. He’s thrown the ball well all year and tonight was no exception.”

Derrek Lee said the following about Guthrie:

“I’m sure he’s a little bit frustrated. A starting pitching, you want to get wins. But a lot of times it’s not in your control. There’s been more games than I could even think of where he should have won or pitched well enough to win. This guy is a bulldog. He’s an innings eater and the wins are going to come for him.”

More Lee:

“We needed a win against them. They’ve been wearing us out. Jeremy gave us just what we needed, a great pitching performance. He went deep. It’s nice when you can handle the ball over to J.J. with a lead. You’re feeling pretty confident at that point.”

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