It never fails

The Orioles scored 12 runs last night and reached double digits in hits during the anthem. You knew what was coming next.

A shutout. Four hits ... and a shutout.

The Orioles offered little resistance tonight against Blue Jays left-hander Ricky Romero. And their modest two-game winning streak at Rogers Centre came to a screeching halt.

Well, a two-game streak doesn’t really screech. The air bags won’t deploy. But it’s definitely come to a stop.

Buck Showalter tells Gary Thorne how hard Ricky Romero was for his hitters in the 3-0 loss

I only caught part of the game - enough to see a horrendous call at third base that, I assumed, would lead to manager Buck Showalter’s ejection. I’m still waiting for him to have a complete meltdown on the field. I’m waiting for him to uproot a base and fling it into the third row.

I also saw the replay of Felix Pie’s two-foot throw. Not sure what happened there. Enlighten me.

Alfredo Simon was extended to 103 pitches, which would be fine if they weren’t condensed into five innings.

Three relievers combined for six strikeouts over three scoreless innings. Somehow, Chris Jakubauskas held the Blue Jays scoreless despite allowing two hits, walking a batter and throwing a wild pitch in the sixth. He threw 34 pitches.

I’d like to see more of Troy Patton, but he again was limited to one inning.

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