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Congratulations to Single-A Frederick closer Sean Gleason, who set the Keys’ single-season record with his 25th save tonight.

Here’s how the Keys’ game report describes the play that led to shortstop Manny Machado’s hip injury:

The night was not all positive for Frederick however as after making a leaping throw in shallow left on a fantastic backhand play deep in the hole at short, Keys SS Manny Machado left the game with Athletic Trainer Pat Wesley to his side. Machado went 2-for-4 with 3 RBI’s prior to the injury.

OK, back to Camden Yards.

Here’s Jake Arrieta:

“It’s tough, especially when we get a run in the bottom of an inning and I go out there and give up a two-run home run to Cabrera, put us back in a hole. It’s a tough feeling. Rebound runs are something you try to minimize. Those are the hardest ones to... they sit with you the longest when your team gets you the lead and you go right back out there and give them back up. That’s tough.”

Here’s Arrieta talking about the pressure of trying to be the stopper during this skid:

“It’s tough because that was my mindset tonight, to be the stopper, give the team some quality innings, pitch deep in the game. Maybe that hurts me a little bit, having that mindset, but I feel like that’s the right way to think - be that guy, go out there and right the ship for us and try to be the guy to turn things around.

Jake Arrieta talks with the media after the O’s 6-5 loss to Cleveland

“If you get too far down, it’s going to play negatively, I think, overall. You just have to think positive. If you can have a solid mental approach and stay positive mentally, good things will happen. Right now it’s not, but we’re confident it’ll turn around.

“Three walks, I think only one of them scored, but I’m still putting too many guys on for free. I think the main thing about tonight is guys were too comfortable in the box. I didn’t do a good job of establishing the inner half to lefties well enough and they were diving over the plate, and even when I made quality pitches to the outside part of the plate, sinkers down and away, they still put pretty good swings on it because they could for the most part eliminate the inner half. When guys like Asdrubal Cabrera can do that, Hafner, Sizemore, they’re going to put good wood on the ball, and that’s what they did tonight.”

Here’s Arrieta answering whether he made bad pitches on the home runs:

“It’s tough to say they’re quality pitches when they hit a home run off of it, but the ball Cabrera hit to left field was down, a sinker down, 2-0 count and he was diving out over the plate, and if it was quality or not, the result wasn’t there. I threw a 1-0 changeup to Sizemore, pretty decent pitch, but they were just comfortable tonight. Real comfortable in the box.”

Here’s Arrieta talking about the rotation struggling:

“Each time I go out, I’m trying to win a game for the team, and not being able to do that in my last three or four starts, it’s not a good feeling. Pile that on top of the way that things have been going overall collectively as a team, it doesn’t feel great. But we try not to really let that bother us. Just continue to work and try to get back in the win column. It’s going to come sooner or later. We know that. We’ve got too much talent in this clubhouse to let things continue to go the way they’re going. It does wear on you a little bit, but you’ve got to shake it off any way you can. You’ve just got to try and turn the page and come back tomorrow.”

Here’s Adam Jones:

“We’ve got to be mentally strong - just know that we have another day, come out tomorrow even more aggressive than we were today and get a W. Play all nine innings, play all 54 outs and don’t give up until the last out is made. You can complain or you can do something about it.

“We played a better game than I know we did last night, just, we still lost, so it’s still the same result to me.

“They’ve got a good ‘pen, but you have to make that adjustment. I don’t care how good people are, on this level the next person is very good, so you still just have to get the job done. Point blank.”

Right between the eyes.

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