More clubhouse chatter after 9-3 loss

Here’s a fun-fact courtesy of Elias: Before Mike Trout’s three-run shot off Mark Worrell today, the last teenager to hit a home run in a major league game was Justin Upton on Aug. 7, 2007 in Arizona.

Kids are allowed to run the bases today at Camden Yards. Strangely, Worrell’s ERA just went up another point.

But seriously, folks...

Jeremy Guthrie told reporters that his stuff was better than his mound presence.

Jeremy Guthrie shares his frustration in his performance in the Orioles’ loss

“I should have laughed,” he said. “How one reacts, how one responds. It was because of frustration with myself. The umpire helped me be frustrated at times, but I can’t blame anyone else.”

Guthrie turned in another quality start, but lost for the 14th time.

“I’m just frustrated with my own job,” he said. “Don’t be worried about things you can’t control. The things I can’t control don’t frustrate me as much.”

Will this be the last start Guthrie makes for the Orioles at Camden Yards?

“I don’t think so, but if it were, I guess it was kind of a perfect microcosm of my career in Baltimore if it did happen to be that,” he said.

“I only hear (the speculation) because you guys bring it up every 3 1/2 minutes. Most players don’t hear the rumors, most players don’t know. But I guess it’s exciting for everyone else to talk about it, so we hear it through those avenues.

“They don’t call us. I never got a call from another GM saying I’m being discussed.”

Guthrie ended the interview and turned his back to reporters. Then he tweeted the following (@JGuthrie46): “Topped off outing with a poor interview. Sorry if you were listening.”

Catcher Matt Wieters talked about Guthrie’s mound presence.

“He had some close pitches there that he didn’t get, which is upsetting, but he still threw the ball well for us and he threw the ball well enough to where if we score some runs, he’s got enough stuff to make it hold up,” Wieters said.

“Everybody’s going to get frustrated. It’s human nature, but it’s part of baseball. You always want to have your poker face out there and I’m sure he went back and looked at it, and it’s sometimes hard to keep your emotions out of the game. But that’s what happens.

Wieters had his own issues. He argued a called third strike and also was subjected to a blown call at first base.

“It was a close call,” he said. “I thought that (Tyler Chatwood) didn’t quite have the ball picked up by the time I stepped on first base. That was just my view of it. He called me out, so you’ve got to live with it, but hopefully you want to get those close calls.”

Asked about the possibility that Guthrie made his last home start for the Orioles, Wieters replied, “Guthrie’s big for us. We’re not thinking about that. Guthrie’s a guy that’s going to go out there every five days and give us a good outing, and since I’ve been here, he’s been able to go out there and eat up innings every year, and eat up quality innings. So he’s been what the staff has needed.”

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