Pregame Showalter and Indians lineup

Manager Buck Showalter had a lot to talk about during his pregame session with the media.

On serving his suspension tonight:
“We’ve got a chance tonight.”

“Managers don’t really have any rights to appeal, even though we belong to the union. I think our right to appeal is talking to Joe (Torre), so I did that today.”

On the players’ punishments:

“I haven’t really seen a lot. I’ve just been looking at what ours are. I think it’s more take a look at the finished product when the appeals are heard, what is reduced and what’s not. I think we’ve seen in the past what’s initially handed down and what initially gets served are two different things in a lot of cases. So we’ll let the process play out.”

On whether he’s surprised that Boston manager Terry Francona wasn’t suspended:

“I haven’t really looked, but (a suspension) is usually a normal thing. When warnings are issued, it’s pretty much standard. I don’t really know. I’d be interested to know if that is the case.”

On John Lackey being fined but not suspended:

“It gives me the idea that they were looking at more than one game. That’s the first I’ve heard of that. I think that’s obviously intentional.”

On Cesar Izturis:

“Izzy had some soreness yesterday, but he felt a lot better today. He supposedly, if he stays on schedule, will start playing games on the 20th. The program that has been set up for him is to play three games and have the potential for activation around the 23rd, 24th if he stays on the schedule they have for him.”

On Vladimir Guerrero:

“He can’t play today. He came in about 1:30 and said he needed another day, pretty sore. Fortunately, Mark (Reynolds) seems to be OK.”

“That’s another part of this. We lost our DH. It looks like they’re going to lose theirs (David Ortiz).”

On whether Guerrero will have more tests on his hand:

“Just playing against him in the division and as much as people pitch him inside and as much as he gets out over the plate, I’ve seen him hit a number of times through that area, and I thought to myself at the time in Boston, for him to not be able to continue, he had to be in some real discomfort, so to speak. So for him to continue to have it to the point where he still doesn’t feel like he can’s gotten better since he got here. What he told me is he thinks he needed one more day, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. But I know Richie (Bancells) wants to talk to Dr. (William) Goldiner and to see if they need to take some of the testing to another level, like a CT scan. When you’re dealing with that many small bones in that area, there’s always concern that something might be there that didn’t show up, so we’ll see what Dr. Goldiner wants to do when he gets here.”

For the Indians:
Brantley LF
Cabrera SS
Hafner DH
Santana C
Sizemore CF
Cabrera 2B
Buck RF
LaPorta 1B
Chisenhall 3B

Masterson RHP

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