Showalter speaks after shutout loss

The Orioles had plenty of scoring opportunities today, which makes it more frustrating that they didn’t score in a 4-0 loss to the Red Sox before 35,174.

Manager Buck Showalter talked about the following:

Buck Showalter talks about the O’s 4-0 loss to the Red Sox

On whether this is the best he’s seen Jake Arrieta:
“I’ve seen him as good, if not better. He’s pitched some good games for us this year, and in the past I’ve seen him like that. He deserved a better fate. They pitched a little better than we did today.”

On the second inning:
“We didn’t square up many balls. J.J. (Hardy) squared up a ball at third base. Craig (Tatum) hit that ball on the button, one-hopper right there at them. We’d like to see us get a little lead there. That’s something you’ll think about.”

On wasting Andrew Miller’s six walks:
“Couldn’t cash it in. Sometimes, you’re wildly effective, then all of a sudden he’d throw a couple balls right on the black. He’s a guy who everybody’s touted very highly for years when he was first drafted. He’s had his struggles with command, but there’s a fine line between being aggressive and being selective, and I think everybody’s always looking for that. It kind of worked in his favor today.”

On Arrieta not walking any batters:
“It’s good. He had good tempo. His delivery was a little quicker to the plate from the stretch, with the one exception where the guy stole on him. He was pretty good for the most part most of the day, and his tempo was a lot better, which I’m sure his teammates were happy with. It’s something we’ve been trying to stress with him a little bit.”

On the frustration over not being able to beat Boston and New York:
“They’re good. They’re very good. Maybe that’s professional jealousy. They’re good. We want to get to that level one day. And at times we do on a given night. But the consistency they bring to both sides of the baseball is why they’re good. You know you have six or seven innings to do something against him before they bring in the people at the end of the game who make runs matter. But I think a lot of people have said many times that Tampa has won this division two of the last three years. That’s why it was heartening early in the year when we started off well against them, because we knew right now that’s the barometer as much as Boston and New York. We play them so many times and you don’t have to have a lot of feedback to realize that the level you need to get to is right in front of you.”

On getting quality starts in three of the last four games:
“We won three out of our last four games because our starting pitching has been better, and we got shut out today. I’m hoping that it’s starting to turn a little bit with the starting pitching. We’ll see.”

On Mark Worrell escaping a bases-loaded, no-out jam:
“It was a good situation. I wanted to get him back out there if I could. I was certainly hoping for a little better situation than that. And you couldn’t imagine that he would have responded that way. You talk about a guy who’s been through a lot of journeys in baseball. I’m sure that’s a nice moment for him, and it certainly was for us, too. He just missed having a good outing in the last one, but sometimes you can’t always paint the perfect first outing. If you’re a relief pitcher, you’re going to come into situations with people on base where things are magnified if you don’t do the job. So, as tough as that situation was the day before yesterday, today might have been a little tougher and I liked the way he responded.”

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