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It’s only 95 degrees at Camden Yards. I hope my box score and game notes don’t blow out of the press box.

Jake Arrieta struck out Kevin Youkilis looking at a 94 mph fastball to end the first inning.

So far, manager Buck Showalter only plans to shut down Zach Britton later in the season, once the left-hander gets to around 175 innings. The other starters aren’t facing the same restrictions.

“Right now, innings-wise, Zach’s the only one that would fit into that mode,” Showalter said. “I hope the rest of them get to 200 innings so we have that option. But we’re going to need somebody to start if Zach comes back and pitches well and gets deeper into some games. I don’t care how we try to camouflage it, he’s not going to make the whole month of September unless he pitches real poorly and we keep him going out there.”

Speaking of Britton, he’s allowed one run and two hits, with two walks and one strikeout, in two innings at Harrisburg. He’s also thrown a wild pitch and hit a batter.

The Orioles want Britton to go four innings today. He gave up one run - on a homer - in three innings in his first start with the Baysox.

Joe Mahoney hit a three-run homer in the first inning today.

For the reader who asked: The Orioles would pay for Justin Duchscherer’s hip surgery.

Going back to the possibility of Jim Johnson starting some games later this season, Showalter said, “I don’t think you close the door on anything with a guy with his makeup.”

“I think he’s capable of serving a lot of roles and sometimes that’s, I wouldn’t say confusion, but it presents too many options for you,” Showalter said. “It’s tough to wait and see what your need is and say, ‘Jimmy, this is what you’re going to do.’

“Jimmy has gone 150, 160 innings in a year already, so there isn’t as much of an increment issue with him. So, I do feel like if that’s a road we may go down, which I think will be more evident after the trading deadline, going to see where we are. I think that’s something he needs to know going into the offseason and something he needs to be exposed to a little bit before he leaves here. I don’t think it’s something that’s just whenever the season is over you go, ‘All right Jimmy, here it is. Be ready for this.’

“I think he could use some valuable experience if that’s where you go. If he’s going to stay in the bullpen, I think that’s something that if he leaves this clubhouse at the end of the season, I think he needs to know when he leaves here. It may be indicative by what happens in late September.

“I have a pretty good grip on where we are going, but let’s see what happens between now and the end of this month. Things could change that, so I’ll keep an open mind on it.

“I think you would still take it slow if you did it later on. And you have to have a full bullpen to do it. And keep in mind, I’m not saying that’s what we’re going to do. Let’s see what happens in the next two weeks. It may change some things. It’s a nice decision to have to make. We haven’t had many of those.”

Update: Boston left-hander Andrew Miller walked the bases loaded with one out in the bottom of the second inning, but Craig Tatum chased a 2-2 pitch out of the strike zone and grounded into a double play. He also swung at the first pitch.

Jacoby Ellsbury homered with one out in the top of the third to give the Red Sox a 1-0 lead.

Down on the farm, Britton allowed two runs and four hits in four innings, with two walks, four strikeouts, one wild pitch, one balk and one hit batter. He threw 65 pitches, 40 for strikes.

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