Bundy introduced, Reyes torched (O’s down 13-0)

The Orioles introduced their first-round draft pick, pitcher Dylan Bundy, to the small gathering here at Camden Yards before the bottom of the second inning.

Bundy acknowledge the ovation with a wave of his right hand before disappearing through the home plate tunnel.

Earlier today, Bundy talked about how rapidly he wants to reach the majors. He’s 18 and fresh out of high school, but he doesn’t expect the process to drag out.

Orioles’ first-round pick Dylan Bundy gets introduced to the Baltimore media

“As quickly as I can,” he said. “That’s my goal and definitely that’s Baltimore’s goal. I’d like to be in there with them one year, two years, whatever. I just want to be there when I’m ready.”

Scouting director Joe Jordan figures that Bundy can progress faster than the average high school pitcher.

“He’s on our 40-man roster. It’s about getting started and getting him ready and turning him loose,” Jordan said.

“The thing that gives me the most comfort is, you don’t really miss near as often on ability as you do on the person, on the makeup and on the intangibles and work ethic and all those things that have to be present for a guy to be really good at anything. And that’s where my comfort is, because I know the intangibles are here and if we’re blessed with good health going forward, I know Dylan Bundy is going to do everything that needs to be done to be as good as he can be. He’s comfortable, I believe, in being good.”

Bundy is leaving tomorrow for the minor league camp in Sarasota. He’ll throw some bullpen sessions in preparation for the instructional league.

“I can’t wait to see what happens after that,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to becoming part of the great tradition of the Baltimore Orioles. I want to learn more about the Baltimore Orioles. My brother (Bobby) being in it for three years has taught me a little bit about it, but I’m very excited.”

Asked more about his relationship with Bobby, Dylan replied, “I lean on him more than anybody else. Me and my brother are best friends. We love each other to death. I talk to him every day. What we talk about is between me and him. He helps me a lot and I help him a lot.

“I’m 100 percent sure that we’re going to get to pitch on the same roster together, and I can’t wait to do that.”

The Orioles could use his help tonight. Jo-Jo Reyes allowed seven runs in 2 2/3 innings. Three of them came with one out in the third on Kelly Johnson’s first home run as a Blue Jay. The ball traveled an estimated distance of 390 feet to right-center field.

Jose Molina homered with two outs, bringing manager Buck Showalter out of the dugout and Brad Bergesen into the game.

Reyes surrendered eight hits, and I can’t say that he scattered them.

Update: Brad Bergesen allowed four runs and four hits in 2 1/3 innings. Troy Patton has replaced him in the sixth.

Edwin Encarnacion hit a two-run homer off Bergesen in the fourth.

Blue Jays starter Henderson Alvarez has faced the minimum number of Orioles through the fifth. Ryan Adams has the only hit, and he was erased on a double play.

Tonight’s attendance: 14,211

Update II: Jose Bautista just hit a two-run homer off Patton in the sixth. Toronto 13, Orioles 0.

No truth to the rumor that Bundy either wants to start tomorrow or re-enter the draft.

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