Davis updates Davis (with Chisox lineup)

Chris Davis really wanted to start at first base tonight.

Here’s how much:

“I’ve tried,” he said. “I literally actually put my name in the lineup before anybody else did and when I came back, it said I was pitching, so I moved it back out of the lineup. I would love to pitch, but I just don’t want to subject these guys to that.”

Davis has temporarily lost his place in the lineup, but not his sense of humor. He was on a roll today while standing in front of his locker.

“I’ll probably be out for the next 10 years,” he joked. “I’m thinking about taking up fly-fishing or becoming a professional drag-racer.”

But seriously, folks ...

“I feel good today,” he said. “I feel like I could’ve played today. I’m going to take BP. I’ve already been in the cage.

“I think they’re just being cautious. I haven’t done anything the last couple of days, so we’ll take today and see how I feel, see if I’m going to be sore. I’m going to take some BP here in about 25 minutes. I’m going to go hit some balls on Eutaw Street, so that’ll be fun.”

Davis clearly was having fun with reporters.

“I’m going to do some bench press, some curls, some shoulder shrugs, overhead press with as much weight as I can possibly handle,” he said. “I don’t think there’s enough weight in there for me, but that’s all right. And see how I feel tomorrow.

“I’m being sarcastic.”

You think?

For the White Sox:
Juan Pierre LF
Alexei Ramirez SS
Paul Konerko DH
Carlos Quentin RF
A.J. Pierzynski C
Alex Rios CF
Adam Dunn 1B
Gordon Beckham 2B
Brent Morel 3B

John Danks LHP

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