Facing the Mount Rushmore challenge

I was looking forward to tomorrow’s off-day and a little relaxation, or what qualifies in my life, but now I’ll be tracking down the results of Chris Davis’ visit to orthopedic specialist Dr. Lewis Yocum.

Yes, it’s all about me.

Davis has a slight tear in his right shoulder and could be facing a shutdown or surgery. If you’re Luke Scott or Jake Arrieta, it can turn into both.

The Orioles are keeping Yocum on speed-dial.

No truth to the rumor that they’re thinking of moving the franchise to Los Angeles so they’ll be closer to him.

I need a break from injuries, draft signings and experts pontificating about injuries and draft signings. Let’s have a little fun this morning before turning more serious later in the day.

Not long ago, I responded to a Twitter challenge by listing my Orioles Mount Rushmore - Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer and Cal Ripken.

I understand that Frank’s limited tenure in Baltimore could work against him, but he’s arguably the greatest player to wear the uniform. He taught the Orioles how to win. He won a Triple Crown. He played in four World Series. I can’t imagine a Mount Rushmore without his face.

However, Eddie Murray and Earl Weaver also need to be on it. I don’t need to list their credentials. Their omissions are glaring.

A six-headed Rushmore? That’s not allowed.

One fan suggested that I drop Palmer, but how can I exclude the greatest pitcher in franchise history? It’s not happening with me.

Charlie Miller, the editorial director at Athlon Sports, is creating Mount Rushmores for every team. (Good luck with the Yankees.)

Miller chose Brooks Robinson, Ripken, Palmer and Murray for the Orioles - eliminating Frank for the reason I stated above. He noted that Frank and Weaver were “close calls.”

You can read it here.

I’ll take your nominations and see how they compare. Did we overlook anyone?

Feel free to suggest other Rushmores. I can’t imagine settling on four Yankees.

You can click here and scroll down to check out more selections from Miller. He ultimately plans on coming up with Rushmores for every team. It’s a work in progress.

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