Hardy and Davis talk about their injuries

Shortstop J.J. Hardy didn’t reveal much about the CT scan taken yesterday on his left ankle, other than to say the news was good.

Hardy isn’t avoiding the topic. It’s just a little confusing.

He doesn’t have swelling in the ankle and it doesn’t always bother him. It’s been somewhat of a mystery.

“It was good news, definitely,” he said. “Nothing wrong with the bone structure or anything with the bone. Looks like I’ll take another day kind of easy today, don’t test it really, and hopefully tomorrow test it and if it feels good, I’ll play.”

Asked for specifics on the CT scan and what he’s been told is causing the discomfort, Hardy replied, “Little like, kind of, ‘This is what could have happened, this is what could have happened.’ Lots of little stuff that it could have been. It was nothing that is for sure, so it would just be kind of saying a bunch of different things.

“I’m hoping that tomorrow when I start to run around that I feel nothing. I think three days of not really running around and testing it, and taking medicine, I feel like hopefully running around tomorrow there will be no pain and I’ll play the rest of the way.”

First baseman Chris Davis also expects to play tomorrow after swinging a bat and throwing. He underwent an MRI on his right shoulder yesterday.

“It showed nothing significant, no tears or anything like that,” he said. “Basically, just the same thing that every baseball player has, a little bit of damage to the rotator cuff and labrum. That’s just some wear and tear from over the years of throwing. Nothing serious.

“I think the biggest thing is probably, I was already stiff and then I worked out and played a game, traveled the next day and then got back here. I think it was just my body trying to tell me to back off a little bit. Hopefully, I’ll be in there tomorrow. Yesterday and today, I’ve felt fine. I think I’m going to get treatment again today and I think they kind of want me to not swing for a couple of days, and then hopefully Monday, I’ll get back in there.

“I felt like I just had a stiff shoulder, like I slept on it wrong. And then we talked to the doctor and he was like, ‘Well, this and that.’ I was like, ‘What? Come on man.’ It’s something that I’ve done in the past where you just kind of sleep at a weird angle and your shoulder feels weird the next day. I don’t want to sound like a little girl or anything. I’m just going to hang out I guess today and hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be in there.”

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