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J.J. Hardy:
“It’s frustrating. We battled back, we took the lead. They got a couple of hits there, I think, it was the eighth, that brought them back the lead. A couple of broken-bat bloopers fell in. That’s just bad luck and frustrating. Anytime we’re up in the eighth inning, I feel like we’ve got a pretty good shot. J.J. (Jim Johnson) has been unbelievable all year. It was just a little bad luck tonight.”

“I definitely hit some balls right down the line. Those could go foul any day - could go foul, could go fair. I’ll take them. I don’t know if I’m really, really locked in. I just like it was a couple of good swings tonight.”

“I didn’t know how it (the ankle) was going to feel, considering I didn’t even know what I did to it and it started hurting. It felt fine. Hopefully, that’s in the past.”

(His at-bat against Jesse Crain): “Slider, down and away for a ball. Slider, I took a swing at it. Curveball for a strike, and then I think he just left a fastball up a little bit. I didn’t think he was going to throw fastball there. No, I definitely didn’t. I played with him last year, so I kind of had an idea what he was doing. I was fortunate to get the barrel on it.”

Josh Bell:
(On the grounder in the eighth that got past him and allowed the go-ahead run to score): “You’ve got to knock it down. On my part, it’s just a bad read. The long skip off the grass gave me a longer hop than I thought. You’ve got to knock it down, you’ve got to make the plays. That’s the bottom line. You’ve got to help your team win. And I definitely felt like those two plays, even on (Paul) Konerko’s ball that got through, you’ve got to make those plays.”

“You can’t make excuses. There’s no way to put it other than you’ve got to make the plays and you’ve got to help your team win. I felt like I didn’t really do that tonight.”

Josh Bell discusses his defensive efforts in the O’s loss to the White Sox

Adam Jones:
“We came back, got the lead. The eighth inning was a big inning. I could have held the guy at first base. First off, I made a bad decision to throw the ball home, and then I made a poor throw that allowed the guy to walk to second base and put him into scoring position instead of keeping him at first and making them have hit a double or two hits to score. All it took was a hit and they ended up getting it. So that’s the part where right now I’m real frustrated with myself.”

“I was trying to get the guy at home. It was first a bad idea because it was way too deep. You’ve got to understand the runners. And then it was a poor throw that allowed (Carlos) Quentin to walk into second base. You can’t put a man in scoring position, especially that late in the game.”

“I don’t think it was trying to do too much. I was trying to make a play and you can’t make every play. That was just a play you’re not going to make, no matter who’s running, and I just have to realize that. It worked out horribly for us.”

Jim Johnson:
“I gave them the momentum right back. It was big. J.J. (Hardy) had a big game. It was an effort wasted, both offensively and defensively by him for sure.”

“The (Paul) Konerko walk changed the whole dynamic of the inning, I’m not trying to walk him there. I just didn’t make a good pitch at the right time. I look at the pitch to (A.J.) Pierzynski, I pulled it all the way on the wrong side, so if I execute that I still have a chance. Two outs and nobody in.”

“When we battle like that, obviously it hurts a little bit more because we should have won that game. We got the lead late and we like our opportunity with Kevin (Gregg) and myself.”

Jeremy Guthrie:
“I just needed really to get the ball down a little bit better. I thought the fastball had a little bit more action, so I was able to get some more ground balls after that tough second inning.”

(On being hurt by 0-2 pitches): “They’re just not executed pitches. You never want to waste a pitch, you just want to execute it.”

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