Hunter taken to hospital (with Showalter quote)

Orioles pitcher Tommy Hunter was taken to a nearby hospital after informing the club that he was feeling ill, and he won’t make the trip to Tampa Bay.

Hunter told manager Buck Showalter and head athletic trainer Richie Bancells that he became ill in the third inning. He lasted through the sixth, but was vomiting after leaving the game.

Buck Showalter meets with the media after the Birds’ 8-6 loss to Toronto

Hunter may have become dehydrated. We’ll know more later.

Hunter allowed five earned runs (six total) and nine hits in six innings.

“In fairness to Tommy, we found out now after the game, after he came out, in the third inning he started to feel a little ill,” Showalter said. “Got a little worse when he came out of the game. He was throwing up. He’s heading to the hospital. I’m not going to try to say what it is or what it isn’t, but he won’t make the trip with us right now. We’ll find out what’s causing it. I don’t know if it’s dehydration or what, but he let Richie know after he came out of the game. Started about the third inning is what Richie said. So, I’ll give him a mulligan there.”

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